Asics Exclusive Padel Shoes


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The new Asics Gel-Padel Exclusive 6 for men have arrived at M1 PADEL, a padel shoe that perfectly combines comfort and flexibility, thanks to the mesh panels and GEL cushioning technology.


Asics Gel Padel Exclusive 6 shoes

Asics presents its exclusive range for padel, the Gel Padel Exclusive 6 shoes. A great feature of the Gel Padel Exclusive 6 shoes is their combination of comfort with excellent flexibility. The upper features a breathable mesh upper to keep your feet cooler. In addition to the upper, it also features a wrap-around sole on the bottom for added durability.

Gel Padel Exclusive Clay Shoes

The Asics Gel Padel Exclusive Clay shoes offer the GEL technology in the midsole, thanks to this technology the shoes have a great shock absorption in addition to softening the footsteps and guaranteeing a great comfort.

The Gel Padel Exclusive Clay outsole provides exceptional grip for your feet, preventing unwanted slippage so you can fight through every point without any surprises.