Nox 2022 shoes

It is already available the last collection of paddle shoes Nox 2022, paddle shoes guaranteed by the Clinical centre Martin Rueda, since the Nox paddle shoes have been designed to minimize the risk of injury and to optimize the performance of the players.

Nox Padel Shoes

Nox brings us the latest in padel shoes, with lines inspired by his professional players like the Nox Miguel Lamperti line of shoes, the Nox ML10 Hexa shoes, models specifically chosen by Lamperti, with perfect colours to match the rest of his Nox padel line. We also find the two lines of Agustin Tapia's shoes, the Nox AT10LUX shoes, top quality shoes that match the AT10 Luxury Series line and the Nox AT10 shoes that will never cease to amaze you with their colour combinations.

Nox padel tennis shoes technologies 

The Nox padel shoes have been tested in the laboratories and certified by INESCOP, to give the best safety and performance by incorporating Nox technologies such as:

  • AGG: Advanced Gravity Geometry, a higher heel height that facilitates the waiting position at the same time that decreases the overload of the calves.
  • Lateral Support: provides greater stability while minimising the risk of twisting on lateral movements.
  • Ortholite: An insole that maximises comfort thanks to its maximum cushioning that will also reduce muscle fatigue.