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The Hurakn Pro combines environmentally friendly materials with the best technologies to produce a durable and supportive shoe ideal for aggressive movements on the court.
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What you wear on court impacts your game, and it also impacts the planet. 21% of the total weight of Wilson's Hurakn Pro padel shoes are made up of recycled material. Another major benefit of these environmentally friendly shoes is the outsole - it's specifically designed for movement on the padel court. They're also tuned for agility with an inner-sock construction that feels supportive as you explode to the ball. The responsive EVA midsole keeps you fresh on your feet after a full three sets.
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Speed on court means so much more than sprinting fast in a straight line. Wilson's Kaos Swift 1.5 Clay keeps you quick in all directions, from rushing side-to-side to going backwards for a smash.
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A whirlwind of speed and agility, the Hurakn packs a number of features primed for optimal movement on the padel court. Pro Torque Chassis Light arch technology lends excellent stability and flexibility in a lightweight construction, while a 9mm heel-toe drop harmonizes cushioned court feel with nice reaction time and change of direction. In a sport that emphasizes quick and agile footwork, Wilson's Hurakn shoe delivers top-notch performance alongside appealing design for competitive padel players.
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Lace up reliable, comfortable padel footwear with confidence with the Hurakn Team. Crafted with a Duralast outsole for maximum abrasion resistance and traction on the padel court, users can move with conviction between every shot. The Hurakn Team sports a 12mm heel-toe drop and an R-DST+ EVA material in the midsole for an excellent combination of cushioning and rebound. A trusty option for recreational padel players, the Hurakn Team pairs comfortable performance with bright, vivid design for a memorable look.
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Operate swiftly and smoothly on the tennis court with the Kaos Swift Clay, a lightweight shoe that takes aim at ultimate court coverage.

Wilson Women's Padel Shoes

Wilson takes care of quality and performance to the maximum when manufacturing and designing its women's shoes for padel, with the aim of offering the confidence and security that the player needs in every movement.

In M1 Padel you can already know the new range of Wilson padel shoes for women. This season Wilson offers lighter models, with optimized comfort and resistance.

The best technologies, Wilson Padel Shoes for Women

The quality of the footwear and its performance is primordial for the player of padel, to obtain it Wilson has implemented the last systems and technologies like:

Ortholite sole: with a foam compound to provide greater comfort in the tread.

DF2 System: 9mm drop so that the foot is closer to the ground and a more dynamic position.

Duralast: a technology that gives the sole of the Wilson Women's Padel Shoe greater abrasion resistance and traction.

Endofit: Specially engineered interior designs to conform to the shape of the foot, providing greater support and comfort.