Wilson Rush Padel Shoes




Padel Shoes Wilson Rush Pro 3.5

Wilson Rush Pro 3.5 evolves every season, but always retaining its best features, stability and explosiveness. At M1 Padel we offer you the Wilson Rush Pro 3.5 Padel Shoe with a high level performance and a sportier design.
Possibly nothing can slow down your game on the court, thanks to the 4D Support Chassis system that facilitates the execution of powerful and aggressive movements, thanks to an arch design of the outer sole that also prevents excessive twisting of the foot.
The Wilson Rush Pro 3.5 upper has an optimised mesh upper design for breathability and comfort. The Wilson Rush Pro 3.5 Padel Shoes will be able to keep up with the most aggressive players.

Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 Paddle Shoes

Meet the dynamism, comfort and lightness of the padel shoes Wilson Rush Pro 3.0, a model that has a mesh upper that manages to bring lightness and breathability to the shoes.
Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 for padel, stands out especially for providing a soft but incredibly explosive stride. The high-density Duralast resistance rubber outsole, combined with the 4D Support Chassis system, prevents excessive supination of the footprint.

Wilson Rush Comp Padel Shoes

The Wilson Rush Comp Padel Shoe perfectly combines classic design with Wilson's performance and latest technologies.
Experience a balance between comfort and performance thanks to the DF2 and R-DST technology, a 9mm drop in the Wilson Rush Comp that achieves the ideal cushioning to reduce impact with every step. In addition, the Duralast outsole designed with high-density rubber gives the Wilson Rush Comp padel shoe exceptional grip and durability.