Looking for Wilson padel shoes?

If you are looking for Wilson padel shoes this is your site, because in M1 Padel we have the best offers of WIlson. And it is not for nothing because they are shoes of the prestigious brand Wilson, a brand known internationally for its contribution to racket sports. For the lovers of this fantastic brand we have in m1 padel the best new Wilson padel shoes for women. As always with the best offers in the whole market.

Why buy Wilson shoes?

As mentioned above, Wilson is one of the leading brands in the sport today. That allows them to have the necessary tools to innovate in the world of padel with a range of footwear that is positioned as one of the most competitive in the market today. There is not much to say about this brand that is not already known, Wilson is an experienced brand in this of making padel shoes. Its clay sole is more than recognized worldwide for its grip and comfort, one of the best in the world of paddle, no doubt it is a safe purchase that will leave you satisfied. An example of the quality of Wilson padel shoes are definitely the Wilson Rush pro 3.0, the new version of the Rush Pro. Its success is due to its herringbone sole so characteristic of this brand, which provides a great grip on the paddle tennis court and its great comfort, adapting perfectly to the ankle providing great comfort in the step.

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