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The new Wilson Bela Pro V2 padel racket has been designed with the help of the great Fernando Belasteguin. This shovel in general terms is what any player would look for, a wide sweet spot, 3k carbon faces with which you will achieve great power, and its 3D Spin texture with which you will be able to spin the ball more easily.

€220.00 -37%
PRE-SALE. Will be available for service in October 2020

The Wilson Bela Team is the little sister of the spectacular series designed for what is undoubtedly one of the best players in WPT.

€220.00 -37%
Wilson Blade Elite v2 padel racket  brings the heat in a lightweight and responsive construction. Its core composed of soft EVA foam, provides a pleasant feeling of cushioning on contact, this padel racket with teardrop mold offers an excellent combination of comfort, pace and reactivity in each stroke. 


Wilson padel rackets, a synonym of quality

The World Tennis Giant, decided some years ago to start in the paddle tennis world and since they started, they have been a reference of quality in the sector. Being one of the most important brands in the world of racket sports, it has bet on the Padel world getting padel rackets of a great quality. Manufactured with the best materials is one of the best options in the market, the range of Wilson paddles that we have.

On one side the Wilson Pro Staff padel rackets are made of carbon fibers, perfect for the most advanced players who are looking for a balance between control of the ball and a good ball power. Rackets with classic black Wilson design, elegant and resistant. On other side the Wilson Blade padel rackets, made of carbon, with the best materials of construction, and incorporating the TRI HEX GRIP technology, the surface of the paddle faces are rugged to get a greater effect on the ball. This Wilson Blade is a polybalent with a drop design, made for all those players looking for good control with a little less power.

Wilson 2020 Blades, a classic we love. This season there is great news in the paddle world. Fernando Belasteguin has chosen to play with Wilson and this is due in great measure to the quality of the padel rackets and shoes of the brand.

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