Wilson Kaos Padel Shoes



Wilson Kaos 3.0 Padel Shoes

Wilson returns this season with a redesign of the Kaos range. The Wilson Kaos Padel shoes feature a fresh and modern design, accompanied by optimised performance to ensure agility, lightness and flexibility in the model.
The Wilson Kaos Padel shoes integrate technologies such as Pro Torque Chassis Light to increase traction, response and grip with every step. It also features a 9mm drop (Dynamic Fit DF2) for increased comfort and foot strike performance.

Wilson Kaos 3.0 Clay Padel Shoes

Wilson Kaos 3.0 Clay includes Skinguard, reinforcement technology located in the forefoot and sides, which combines the mesh weave design of the Wilson Kaos 3.0 Clay to achieve the breathability you need during play. The new, sportier, lighter and tighter design results in a padel shoe designed for raw speed on the court.