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The new Naya 2020 racket from Vibora has rough planes to improve the effect on each stroke. Designed for advanced players looking for a control and power.

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The new Vibora Padel 2020 has arrived at your favorite padel store! The new Vibora Lethal Advanced is perfect for all players who want a hybrid play style


Best Vibora Padel Racquets 2022, discover them with us

Vibora continues with some of its most popular models on the market, improving their features and making a redesign giving freshness to the brand.

To begin with, if you are looking for a versatile style, Vibora has the ideal padel racket for you, the Vibora Black Mamba Edition 2020 padel racket. This padel racket has been designed to satisfy all players who want a versatile style. Thanks to its teardrop shape, carbon construction, and kevlar reinforcement, the Vibora Black Mamba Edition 2020 padel racket is not only a high performance racket, but also a racket that will be with you for a long time due to its high quality and durable materials.

Another jewel of Vibora that can stand out is the Vibora Yarara Classic Edition padel racket, having a medium balance and a somewhat high sweet spot it is an ideal racket for more aggressive players. Although it does not focus only on power, it also has a great control with which we can place the ball where we want without any effort.

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the brand, Vibora has launched the new Vibora Black Mamba X Anniversary 2022 padel racket, the racket with which Josete Rico will play in the World Padel Tour. An ideal padel racket for those players with a more aggressive style. 

We also find in the brand the Vibora King Cobra Edition 2021 padel racket, with this diamond-shaped racket, a kevlar frame and the surface of its 12k carbon faces, you have a hard and resistant racket with which to hit with extra power and thus achieve a point in an easy way harassing the opponent. If your style of play is based on power, the Vibora King Cobra Edition 2021 padel racket is the one for you. On the other hand we have the Vibora Naya Classic Edition padel racket, a racket with a more bando core, with a versatile playing style, although its main feature is the low weight that it has with which you will get a better manageability. It is an ideal padel racket for versatile players who want a great light padel racket without sacrificing the best materials on the market.

In the opinion of M1 PADEL, Vibora padel racquets are made for all types of players. Every year the brand improves its designs, making more and more soft padel racquets, ideal for everyone.

Vibora 2021 Padel Rackets

Within Vibora we can find models from previous years, which are not at all outdated. These models have been and will be great successes of the brand such as the padel racket Vibora Yarara Edition 2021. A padel racket that in addition to its high quality performance, also stands out for its beautiful and striking colours, with a gold, black and silver finish, you will stand out even more on the court.

Do you want to know more about Vibora padel racquets?

The padel racket brand Vibora is considered one of the most methodical in the world of padel racquets regarding the manufacturing process of their padel racquets. They take care of this manufacturing process to the millimetre and as a result we get one of the most quality assured brands in the world. With their padel racquets manufactured in an almost handmade way, the results in your game will be incredible. Designed for the most demanding players who like to play from the net thanks to its power, although in the brand we can find a variety of padel racquets for all styles of play. Vibora padel racquets want to reach all types of players so if you are a player who feels more comfortable with a more conservative game from the back of the court there are also great options for you.

Increasingly, Vibora padel racquets seek to adapt to all types of players, both professionals and novices. They seek to adapt to all types of players. That both experts and newcomers to the world, feel comfortable to play with their padel racquets. The reference padel racket for all users is the Vibora Black Mamba Edition 2020, Vibora's best-selling padel racket this year that has incredible materials and finish, providing an excellent balance between power and control.

Vibora padel racquets have a striking design with a very good finish. This year they have left the carbon in sight in all their padel racquets which, in addition to being a high quality material, provides a great finish to the design. They are versatile padel racquets, giving more and more balance and comfort to the player, adapting to what the player needs.

Vibora 2022 padel racquets are one of the best padel racquets at the moment. Combining design and comfort, they are not only one of the best options, but you will also find absolute comfort.

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