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The new Naya 2020 racket from Vibora has rough planes to improve the effect on each stroke. Designed for advanced players looking for a control and power.

Vibora 2021 padel rackets, discover them with us

Vibora is considered one of the most methodical in the paddle world with respect to the manufacturing process of its rackets. They take care of this process to the millimeter and as a result we have one of the brands that ensures the highest quality in the world. With its almost handmade padel rackets the results in your game will be incredible. Vibora want to satisfy the most demanding players who like to play from the net thanks to its power, but there is something for everyone.

Do you want to know more about the Vibora padel racketss?

The Vibora padel rackets are becoming more and more popular, and are designed to suit all types of players, both professionals and beginners. They seek to adapt to all types of players. That both experts and people who enter the padel world, feel comfortable to play with their padel rackets. The paddle by reference for all users is the VIBORA BLACK MAMBA EDITION, the most sold paddle of Vibora during this year that has incredible materials and finish, providing an excellent balance between power and control.

The Vibora blades have an attractive design with a very good final finish, with a window to see the material . They are multipurpose padel rackets, giving more balance and comfort to the player, adapting to what the player needs.

The Vibora 2020 padel rackets are one of the best at the moment. Combining design and comfort, not only are they one of the best options, you will also find absolute comfort. In our catalogue you will be able to find cheap Vibora padel rackets. We highlight the VIBORA COPPERHEAD 2020, using materials such as kevlar and carbon, is a great attack and power padel racket, a perfect choice for more aggressive players.