The Tuboplus X4 Crystal has arrived! With this new tube, which is more accurate in maintaining ball pressure, you will get considerably more durable balls.

Preserve your balls in the best possible way with Tuboplus

It is well known that used balls in bad condition are harmful to the health of the players as a loss of pressure affects the bounce of the ball and this bad bounce causes padel players to strain their joints and especially their back which can lead to injuries. Obviously a feasible solution to this problem is to buy a lot of balls and always play with new balls that are in good condition, of course this can only be done if we can afford it. Another way to achieve this is to extend the life of our balls, how? Very simple, with the Tuboplus pressuriser you can keep the balls for as long as necessary when you are not playing.

Buy the Tuboplus pressurizer at the best price On-line.

Padel balls suffer the most wear and tear during the game, but that doesn't mean that they don't lose pressure when you're not using them. That's where the Tuboplus comes in. It keeps the balls so that they don't lose any pressure and so we have them in perfect condition for when we want to play with them again. Take a look at our catalogue and choose the one you like best, as always take advantage of our offers to get the product you want at the best price.

Tube plus Crystal Pressurizer

From the M1 Padel team we want you to enjoy every single match you are going to play and something as basic as a low pressure ball can ruin many of your plays, that is why we recommend you the Tuboplus Crystal ball pressurizers to extend the life of your balls and always play with the correct pressure.