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A minimalist design meets unique functionality with the Super Tour backpack. This backpack can carry up to 2 racquets and includes a host of features optimized for formal tennis players: bottom pocket to carry your shoes, zippered compartment with Thermoguard technology to keep your water bottle cool and a fleece-lined accessory pocket on the front for the smaller personal items you like to take with you when you're on the road.

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La calidad superior, la funcionalidad orientada al tenis y el diseño clásico se unen: presentamos la última colección de bolsas Super Tour de Wilson. Esta mochila consta de un compartimento acolchado con capacidad para 2 raquetas con cremalleras de bloqueo, un bolsillo ventilado para las zapatillas o la ropa sucia y una funda en el compartimento principal para guardar cómodamente un ordenador portátil o una tableta.

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Combining a design that pays homage to the iconic Pro Staff franchise with top-notch functional performance, the Super Tour Pro Staff collection is designed for tennis purists everywhere. This Pro Staff backpack holds two racquets in a padded compartment with locking zippers for added security. Other features include an additional compartment with a laptop or tablet sleeve, a ventilated pocket for shoes or dirty clothes, and a side zippered pocket lined with Thermoguard to keep water or snacks cool.

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Superior quality, tennis-oriented functionality and classic design come together: Introducing Wilson's latest Super Tour bag collection. This travel bag consists of a main compartment that holds a minimum of 12 racquets, two zippered side pockets and integrated luggage straps for reinforcement. New to the line are reinforced side panels, which provide added durability in spots that tend to tear first. Tennis coaches who need to transport large volumes of rackets should take a look at this bag.