Star Vie Padel Rackets Collection 2022

Find in our catalogue the new Star Vie 2022 padel racquets. Some padel racquets that surprise for their designs and the combination of colours so striking that is so characteristic of the Star Vie brand.

In M1 Padel you can find your Star Vie padel racket at the best price on the market. Decide from our extensive catalogue the one you like, do not hesitate to come to our shop to try the padel racket you like and get the best advice from our experts to know which padel racket best suits your game TOTALLY FREE. We recommend the Star Vie Titania Kepler for its adaptability and maximum performance.

The top Star Vie padel racquets according to our experts

If we talk about Star Vie padel racquets, it is inevitable that we mention the Star Vie Metheora Warrior 2022, the best known padel racket of the brand not only for its quality, but also for being the racket used by the number 1 player of the brand Matias Diaz "The Warrior". Due to its Dual Frame technology, the padel racket gains power in the strokes while reducing vibrations, this makes the control of the padel racket excellent.

Star Vie padel racquets are padel racquets made of the highest quality materials. Made of carbon fibre, it is one of the options that you can not miss. Star Vie padel racquets will not leave you indifferent! They are padel racquets that appeal to all types of players, this is thanks to the great variety of its catalogue, adapting to each type of player according to what they need. If the Star Vie padel racquets are so used by professionals in the world of padel it is because their quality does not leave us indifferent.

Special offers on Star Vie padel racquets

Buy Star Vie padel racquets at the best price, in M1 we always offer Star Vie padel racquets on offer for all types of game, as Star Vie has a wide variety of padel racquets so you can find Star Vie power, control and multipurpose padel racquets at the best price.

Star Vie 2021 padel rackets

In M1 we have available the Star Vie 2021 padel racquets at the best price, We highlight some of our best Star Vie padel racquets, such as the Star Vie Brava. Find cheap Star Vie padel racquets at Deportes Match!

Find out about Star Vie Padel

Star Vie is a padel brand that supports projects associated with the world of padel. It helps in the construction of padel courts and club management. It has a wide range of sports equipment, including its padel racquets. It is a sponsor of some of the most important professional padel players such as Franco Stupaczuk who currently uses the Star Vie Raptor.

Star Vie is committed to innovation to discover new technological systems and thus offer more complete and quality padel racquets in the market. All this is thanks to the work carried out in R & D and using the latest materials to achieve better quality products and durability.