€48.90 -30%
Modern and versatile padel racket backpack that stands out for its side compartment where your padel racket fits perfectly. Based on the design of the Titania Kepler 2021 padel racket.It includes an independent and ventilated section at the bottom to store your shoes, as well as a spacious central compartment and some smaller ones that allow you to keep all your equipment organised.

€75.95 -30%

The newMatias Diaz professional padel player's new vertical padel rack is the perfect complement. With a design based on the Metheora Warrior 2021, it stands out for including the signature and logo of The Warrior, both on the front and on the side. Its black and gold color gives it an elegant touch.

With this model in vertical format, you can comfortably transport your padel racquets along with all your material. It is a large capacity model, with front zipper, different pockets and compartments to have all your material organized, including footwear as it has an individual and ventilated section. It also has two side pockets of thermal material to protect the padel racquets and one large capacity in the center.

In addition, it allows you to move with total comfort because it incorporates padded reinforcements in the back of the paddle.

€75.95 -30%

Official padel player Franco Stupaczuk vertical padel bag in black with red, white and grey details. This design, based on the Raptor 2021 padel racket, includes the player's signature and logo on the front and side.

This model in vertical format of large capacity, allows you to carry all your material perfectly organized from the padel racquets on the sides to the shoes, as it has an independent and ventilated compartment at the bottom, as well as a central space of large capacity and two other compartments of thermal material on the sides for your padel racquets.

Offers maximum comfort thanks to the cushioning system on the back of the paddle.

€73.90 -37%

Large and spacious padel bag in yellow and navy blue. Its design is based on the design of the Aquila Space 2021 padel racket. With this padel bag you can move comfortably and carry your padel equipment perfectly organized thanks to its central pocket and its side pockets, which consist of thermal material to protect your padel racket. It also incorporates a separate and ventilated compartment for footwear at the bottom of the paddle.

It also includes a lumbar reinforcement and several handles to avoid discomfort when carrying the paddle.

€59.90 -30%

This new padel racket bag is perfect for moving on and off the court. It has several pockets: one on each side; another separate one to store shoes and a large one in the central part to carry larger objects. Based on the Titania Kepler 2021 padel racket, its black, blue and red design stands out for its large storage capacity.

It is very functional and comfortable to wear thanks to its adjustable straps and lumbar reinforcement.

Star Vie Backpacks and Paddle Bags

Starvie stands out a lot in their padel racquets for its vibrant aesthetics and in the padel racquets it was not going to be less, within the entire collection of Starvie padel racquets we find a great variety of padel racquets and of different sizes. The Starvie padel racquets as well as their padel racquets are manufactured with the best qualities so they are durable padel racquets designed to provide the greatest comfort and ease of transport.