The new Head X3 Black pressuriser will help to maintain the pressure of your balls between matches. With this pressuriser you won't need a pump, as it aims to maintain maximum ball pressure between matches, making it the easiest pressuriser to use.
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The new Head X100 Basket Ball Pressuriser Cube is Head's largest capacity ball pressuriser. It has been designed with the purpose of recovering pressure from tennis and padel balls. The Head X100 Basket ball pressurizer bucket is aimed at schools or tennis clubs to achieve savings on the purchase of balls.
Balls not included
Valve not included


The Tuboplus X4 Crystal has arrived! With this new tube, which is more accurate in maintaining ball pressure, you will get considerably more durable balls.


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Pascal Box is a solid and compact hermetically sealed pressurizing bottle to charge the pressure of tennis, paddle and frontenis balls. This way you can in the best conditions and only worry about your opponent.