Discover about the SET padel racquets

With more than seven years in the market, the Spanish padel racket brand SET offers innovations in their padel racquets. The Set padel racquets have been focused on a profile of demanding players looking for high quality and excellent performance on the court.
The SET 7 Padel brand has been a specialist in designing incredible products with a great sporting character. However, the SET padel racket brand not only creates padel racquets with an incredible utility, they also think about design, giving us a combination of elegance and great performance on the court.

SET padel racket collection

The padel racket brand Set presents us with several amazing padel racket designs with which you will achieve a complete mastery of the court. Among the padel racquets, SET has several designs from which you can choose. Its versatile designs allow us to have both control on the court and an incredible dominance thanks to the SET LEOPARD and SET HAWK padel racquets.
It is not always about having both specialities, you can also focus on one speciality thanks to the SET HYENA padel racket model, with which you will have control throughout the match, managing to extend to the point where you want to squeeze the opponent and get the winning point. In addition to control there is also power, and thanks to the SET BULL padel racket you won't have to wait to extend the match, you'll be able to hit the winning shot from the first second, dominating the entire match.

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