Ready to dive into the world of padel with confidence? The Adidas Drive Light 3.3 is the ideal choice. Designed to give you a solid start in the sport, this padel racket combines control and power to suit your first moves on the court.


The Adidas Drive Vintage Padel Racket, year 2024, is ideal for padel racket beginners. Inspired by classic Adidas models, it fuses vintage colours with advanced features. Its round shape and centred sweet spot offer absolute control. Beyond its aesthetic design, it is a balanced option in quality and price, perfect to start with confidence in the padel court.


Set off on your padel journey with the Adidas Match 3.3 Black Red 2024, guaranteeing a successful start. This padel racket, designed by Adidas, not only stands out for its attractive and modern design, but is also distinguished by its remarkable high-quality technical features, ensuring exceptional performance on the padel court.


Getting started in padel with the Adidas Match 3.3 Black Lime is like ensuring a triumphant start. This padel racket, created by Adidas, not only stands out for its modern and attractive design, but also for its premium technical features, ensuring exceptional performance on the padel court.

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€350.00 -14%

Adidas Adidas Cross It 2024 padel racket, a new model with a diamond shape that comes with the Adidas 2024 padel racket collection.

If you are a passionate padel racket looking for a racket that combines power and control, the Metalbone Team Light 3.3 2024 padel racket is the perfect choice. This high performance padel racket is designed to take you to the next level on the court.


If you're looking for the perfect balance of control and versatility on the padel racket, look no further than the Adipower CTRL Team 3.3 2024 padel racket. This high-performance padel racket is the ideal choice for players who want to master every shot with precision and comfort.

Reduced price

€69.95 -38%

Adidas has updated its line of racquets for players who want to advance their game in a step-by-step fashion, offering the new Adidas Match 3.2 2023 racket.

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€74.95 -23%

Adidas has presented the new model Adidas Drive Light 3.2 2023, which shines for its light weight and great manageability, ideal if you want to get into padel.

Reduced price

€74.95 -38%

Getting started in the world of padel is easy with the Adidas Drive 3.2 2023 racket, a racket that will make you experience every game in a unique way while you learn with it.

Reduced price

€130.00 -43%

The new Adidas RX2000 Light 2023 is one of the lightest racquets from Adidas. Thanks to its light weight, it will help you to have a better manoeuvrability when hitting the ball.

Reduced price

€149.95 -31%

A racket with which you will fight against two opponents at the same time, your rival on the court and the fight for the environment. With the Adidas RX Greenpadel 2023 racket you will have a high quality racket with 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials.

Reduced price

€209.95 -43%

With the new Adidas collection, comes the new Adipower Ctrl Team 2023, an ideal racket for all situations, although its most notorious quality is the control of the court.

Reduced price

€379.95 -10%

For a game more focused on control, the new racket Adidas Metalbone CTRL 3.2 2023, which despite being designed for control, also offers a power that will surprise you.

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€65.00 -29%
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The Adidas Match 3.1, a new version of the Adidas Padel Collection 2022, the padel racket for beginners par excellence.

Reduced price

€205.00 -56%

The Adidas Adipower lite 3.1, the new version of the Adipower lite for this season 2022, a padel racket with the perfect balance between power and comfort.

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€350.00 -34%
Out of stock
The Adipower Ctrl 3.1, the padel racket that Alex Ruiz will use again this season 2022 in the WPT, one of the best Adidas padel racquets of control


Reduced price

€190.00 -26%

The Asics Speed Balance is a diamond power padel racket but thanks to the Alutex and its flexible Eva rubber

How to choose a padel racket depending on the type of player

A padel racket behaves differently depending on the type of player, which is why at M1 Padel we have focused on the player to be able to give the best advice on which racket is the right one in each case.

We are going to take into account the level of play, the style of play and the strength of the player.

When choosing a racket, it is essential to take into account the player's level of play. Beginners or intermediate players tend to benefit from playing with racquets with a larger sweet spot that do not penalise off-centre hits as much, these racquets have a round or hybrid shape and high or medium flexibility.
On the other hand, advanced or professional players generally use racquets with a little more weight, medium or high balance and medium flexibility, or directly hard racquets.
There is a lot of talk about the shape of the racket but not so much about the flexibility of the faces, although this is the most important thing for the feel of your game. A soft racket for beginners or players of lesser strength is perfect both for control due to the longer contact with the ball and for power due to the spring effect of the racket faces. However, this same racket in power players would not give off as much power as it absorbs part of the power because it is too soft.
On the other hand, a hard racket needs a more aggressive game and more strength so that the racket faces flex and provide power.

The player's strength also plays an important role in the choice of a racket. If you are a player with great physical strength and you prefer to hit the ball with power, it is advisable to opt for a racket with a heavier weight and a harder hitting surface. These racquets allow you to make the most of your strength and generate powerful shots. On the other hand, if you are not as strong or prefer a more controlled game, a more flexible, lighter racket with a more balanced balance may be the right choice.

How long is a padel racket?

The maximum regulatory length of a racket is 45.5 cm, the maximum allowed width is 26 cm and the maximum thickness is 38 mm, but there are other specifications that must meet according to the International Padel Federation (FIP)..:

The cuff has a maximum length of 20 cm, a maximum width of 50 mm and a maximum thickness of 50 mm.
The striking surface must be perforated with cylindrical holes of 9 to 13 mm diameter each throughout the central area. In a peripheral area of 4 centimetres measured from the outer edge of the racket, holes of different shapes or sizes may be considered, as long as they do not affect the essence of the game.
It is important to note that the racket must be free of attached objects and other devices, with the exception of those specifically used to limit or prevent damage, vibrations and weight distribution.

Is it compulsory to have a safety cord on the racket?

YES, it is compulsory for the racket to have a non-elastic cord or strap to be attached to the wrist, as a measure of protection against possible accidents. The maximum length allowed for this cord is 35 centimetres, and of course it is compulsory to use it during the whole playing time.

Buy Padel Racquets in our online shop

At M1 Padel you can find a complete catalogue of padel racquets that adapt to the level of each player, from beginner padel racquets to professional padel racquets for those players with great experience and who need to polish their technique. You can get a multipurpose rackets, control rackets or exclusively power rackets. At M1 Padel we work with big brands specialised in padel, so you will always find at your disposal a wide variety of padel racquets and cheap padel racquets that adapt to your needs, either by weight, shape or performance.

Padel Rackets of 2023

From M1 Padel, we can recommend two models that are having great success:
The Bullpadel Hack 03 2024, is a versatile padel racket whose performance tends to power and an attacking style of play.
On the other hand, the new Babolat Technical Viper 2023 padel racket. A power padel racket designed to unleash all its aggression on the court.

How to choose a padel racket?

Making the right choice when buying a padel racket is essential. A padel rackets that is right for us, will allow us to offer the best performance on the court.
Therefore, it is necessary to be clear about our needs. An experienced player will look for a padel racket that makes his style of play more effective, while a novice player will look for a padel racket that benefits his limitations to reach a better level.

Padel racquets can be differentiated by parameters such as shape, balance and weight.

  • The weight of the padel racket: A heavy padel racket means more power and solidity in your shots. On the other hand, a lighter padel racket offers better movement speed and stroke control.
  • Balance and form: These are closely related parameters. Diamond-shaped padel racquets are designed to offer more power in the strokes and for this reason the sweet spot is located in the upper part of the head.
    The round padel racquets stand out for their large sweet spot, offering greater control and comfort during shots. Their low balance favours agility of movement.
    Finally, the teardrop-shaped rackets place the balance of the racket in the centre or tending slightly to the head, this allows to balance both power and control in the same padel racket.

But if you have doubts or need more information, at M1 Padel, our specialists will be able to recommend the padel racquets that best suit your type of game. They will help you find a padel racket in which you can dominate the sweet spot; A diamond-shaped padel racket, in order to increase the weight in the head and have more ball output. Or if, on the other hand, you prefer a rounded padel racket, with a more balanced weight and which is usually used more for control. At M1 Padel our specialists will offer you a more personalised service according to your needs, come to our facilities where you can try the best padel racquets of the 2023 season on an indoor court.

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