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The Adidas brand has prepared for this season its new model already known by all, the Adidas Metalbone 3.2 2023 racket. A model that will not go unnoticed since it combines with great perfection all its features to achieve a great balance of the racket.

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At M1 Padel you can find a complete catalogue of padel racquets that adapt to the level of each player, from beginner padel racquets to professional padel racquets for those players with great experience and who need to polish their technique. You can get a multipurpose rackets, control rackets or exclusively power rackets. At M1 Padel we work with big brands specialised in padel, so you will always find at your disposal a wide variety of padel racquets and cheap padel racquets that adapt to your needs, either by weight, shape or performance.

Padel Rackets of 2021

From M1 Padel, we can recommend two models that are having great success:
The Bullpadel Hack 2021, is a versatile padel racket whose performance tends to power and an attacking style of play.
On the other hand, the new Babolat Air Viper padel racket. A power padel racket designed to unleash all its aggression on the court.

How to choose a padel racket?

Making the right choice when buying a padel racket is essential. A padel rackets that is right for us, will allow us to offer the best performance on the court.
Therefore, it is necessary to be clear about our needs. An experienced player will look for a padel racket that makes his style of play more effective, while a novice player will look for a padel racket that benefits his limitations to reach a better level.

Padel racquets can be differentiated by parameters such as shape, balance and weight.

  • The weight of the padel racket: A heavy padel racket means more power and solidity in your shots. On the other hand, a lighter padel racket offers better movement speed and stroke control.
  • Balance and form: These are closely related parameters. Diamond-shaped padel racquets are designed to offer more power in the strokes and for this reason the sweet spot is located in the upper part of the head.
    The round padel racquets stand out for their large sweet spot, offering greater control and comfort during shots. Their low balance favours agility of movement.
    Finally, the teardrop-shaped rackets place the balance of the racket in the centre or tending slightly to the head, this allows to balance both power and control in the same padel racket.

But if you have doubts or need more information, at M1 Padel, our specialists will be able to recommend the padel racquets that best suit your type of game. They will help you find a padel racket in which you can dominate the sweet spot; A diamond-shaped padel racket, in order to increase the weight in the head and have more ball output. Or if, on the other hand, you prefer a rounded padel racket, with a more balanced weight and which is usually used more for control. At M1 Padel our specialists will offer you a more personalised service according to your needs, come to our facilities where you can try the best padel racquets of the 2021 season on an indoor court.

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