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Box of 24 cans of Adidas Speed RX padel balls, a fast ball with a bounce that will give you a lively game.






Heal padel pro S, the ball used in professional tournaments internationally, a fast ball that will offer you an agile and active game.



The new Head X3 Black pressuriser will help to maintain the pressure of your balls between matches. With this pressuriser you won't need a pump, as it aims to maintain maximum ball pressure between matches, making it the easiest pressuriser to use.
Balls not included
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The new Head X100 Basket Ball Pressuriser Cube is Head's largest capacity ball pressuriser. It has been designed with the purpose of recovering pressure from tennis and padel balls. The Head X100 Basket ball pressurizer bucket is aimed at schools or tennis clubs to achieve savings on the purchase of balls.
Balls not included
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The Tuboplus X4 Crystal has arrived! With this new tube, which is more accurate in maintaining ball pressure, you will get considerably more durable balls.


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Wilson US Open tennis ball, the US Open ball for over 40 years. Its consistency and performance are the gold standard in tennis. For its quality manufacturing, premium fabric is used to provide the confidence players need when it's all on the line.

Discover the value of padel balls

In padel of course it is super important to have an excellent racket, you should also have a good padel shoe that fits your foot and whose sole holds well and prevents you from slipping on the court. Of course these two factors are considered very important in the game but you must not forget the importance of the ball. Depending if you have good padel ball or not, the game can be very different. That's why before every match professional players play with them for a while in order to prove that everything is correct.

Brands of padel balls

Here in M1 Padel you will find a huge assortment of paddle balls of the most known brands on the market today: Head, Dunlop, Bullpadel, Prince, Wilson, Nox,etc. We always seek to ensure the best quality to our customers so we have in our store the highest range of balls on the market for those players who are more demanding or even professionals. Although we also have more economical ranges for those beginners who are starting.

The best padel balls according to our experts

of padel balls that they prefer over the others and it is not a coincidence that they are two models of the same brand: these models are the Head padel pro and the Head padel pro S. Without a doubt two models that are among the best sellers and will not leave you indifferent.

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