Pascal Box system for inflating tennis and padel balls with a capacity of 4 balls. The manometer is of maximum precision and is calibrated according to the official parameters of the International Tennis and Padel Federations.



The new Head X3 Black pressuriser will help to maintain the pressure of your balls between matches. With this pressuriser you won't need a pump, as it aims to maintain maximum ball pressure between matches, making it the easiest pressuriser to use.
Balls not included
Valve not included


This pressuriser with the capacity for 3 balls has been designed to restore the original pressure of the balls. Thanks to the high quality valve, air can be injected inside the ball to achieve a higher pressure and the ball can be fully recovered.
Balls not included


With a limit of up to 4 balls, the Head X4 Ball Pressuriser + Pump is a viable option if you need to get your balls back to where they were on the first day. It is the most complete and advanced product on the market. Easy to use and durable.
Balls not included


The new Head X100 Basket Ball Pressuriser Cube is Head's largest capacity ball pressuriser. It has been designed with the purpose of recovering pressure from tennis and padel balls. The Head X100 Basket ball pressurizer bucket is aimed at schools or tennis clubs to achieve savings on the purchase of balls.
Balls not included
Valve not included


Tuboplus X4 Crystal has arrived! With this new, more precise pressurizer, you will accurately maintain the pressure of your tennis balls and maximize their life span.


CuboPlus X100 with floor pump and pressure gauge, the best ball pressuriser ideal for schools and Padel clubs, with a capacity of up to 103 balls.


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Pascal Box is a solid and compact hermetically sealed pressurizing bottle to charge the pressure of tennis, paddle and frontenis balls. This way you can in the best conditions and only worry about your opponent.

Paddle Ball Pressurisers

Padel ball pressurisers are devices that allow you to maintain the optimal pressure of the balls, extending their life and improving their performance. They are ideal for players who play frequently, as they save money by reducing the consumption of new balls.

How do Padel Ball Pressurisers work?

Padel ball pressurisers work by means of a vacuum or pressure system, which prevents the balls from losing air and elasticity. You put the number of balls you want to pressurise in the pressuriser, close the lid and let it rest. It depends on the type of pressuriser. Some have a hand pump that is used to extract the air from the container. Other pressurisers have a valve that is connected to an air compressor or pump, which is used to introduce air into the container.