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Nox brings us the new AT GENIUS LTD 2024 in collaboration with Agustin Tapia, after the great success of the "Arena" version last season. This limited version integrates the latest Nox technology in combination with the best quality materials to create a balanced and fast padel racket.

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€390.00 -59%

The new Nox Limited Edition comes to our shop with the model Nox Pack ML10 Limited Edition LTD 2023. A pack that includes two wrist straps, two interchangeable safety cords, a replica key ring of the ML10 Pro Cup LTD Edition 2023 paddle racket and the jewel in the crown, the new ML10 Pro Cup LTD Edition 2023 paddle racket.


A Padel Racket designed together with Agustín Tapia for the 2024 season. The Nox AT Genius ATtack 18K By Aguntin Tapia 2024 Padel Racket is ideal for those players looking for aggression and power to attacking shots.

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€325.00 -39%

The model of the already known Nox racket, the Nerbo WPT Luxury Series 2023 arrives to our shop. Changing its design and improving some of the features it offers. But maintaining its power, strength and speed that make this racket unique.

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€324.95 -38%
Out of stock

Padel racket Nox At10 Genius 18K 2023, the new padel racket of Agustin Tapia with 18k carbon faces of the Nox 2023 padel racket collection.


Approximate availability from 15 July.

Inspired by Leo Augsburger, a Padel Racket designed for a purely aggressive game, where direct, fast and powerful play predominates. The LA10 Future Padel Racket is a model with a diamond mould, HR3 core with a semi-hard touch enhanced with 12K Aluminised Carbon Fibre.

Reduced price

€244.95 -15%

Approximate availability from 15 July.

Designed for the young promise, Tino Libaak. The TL10 Future 2024 is a versatile padel racket with a semi-hard touch, made of 12K Aluminised Carbon. Among its virtues are its great ball output, speed and manoeuvrability.

Reduced price

€244.95 -18%

 Approxmate availability as of 10 May.

Nox VK10 Future 2024, Aranzazu Osoro's Padel Racket. A lethal padel racket with a round shape, made of carbon and HR3 core for a comfortable feel and excellent manoeuvrability.


The combination you didn't expect, the Nox AT Pro Cup fuses the AT10 teardrop mould and the materials of the ML10 Classic. Manageable, fast, comfortable and solid, that's how you can define in a few words this crazy padel racket.

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€319.99 -66%
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The new Nox Mp10 Gemelas Atomikas By Mapi S.Alayeto 2023 padel racket shines for its control but without leaving behind the power that Mapi Sánchez Ayaleto is looking for. If your playing style is similar to hers, you have found the perfect racket for you.

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€199.95 -38%
Padel racket Nox Ml10 Pro Cup 2023, one of the most iconic padel racquets of the Nox brand, a model of the Nox Pro line of its collection 2023.


Nox Equation Lady 2024, this lightweight Equation variant combines precision, control and manoeuvrability. The "Lady" version is made of carbon and fibreglass with a rubber core used in professional padel rackets to offer a comfortable feel and a large sweet spot.

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€149.95 -26%

Nox presents us with a padel Racket that perfectly combines great manoeuvrability, control and precision. The Nox Equation Advanced 2024 Padel Racket is your best option if you want to dominate on the court.

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€299.95 -16%

Nox ML10 Luxury Bahia 12K 2024 a versatile padel racket designed with Miguel Lamperti, which integrates a new mould and the latest technologies to make you feel the padel racket of the future.


Together with Miguel Lamperti, Nox has designed the new ML10 Shotgun 18K 2024. A Padel Racket with a new mould, technologies and designed to channel strength and speed into powerful and more aggressive strokes than ever before.

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€119.95 -36%
Discover the Nox X-One Evo Blue 2023 padel racket, the perfect choice for padel racket players looking for precision and power. With advanced technology and innovative design, improve your game today.

Discover the Nox 2024 Padel Rackets Collection

Buy now at M1 padel the new Nox 2024 padel racket collection, one of the most prestigious brands in the world of padel is now back with new padel racquets from its most popular ranges. The Nox 2022 padel racket catalogue is full of novelties in the Nox padel racket series. Discover the latest designs of the Luxury Series where you will find the Nox AT10 Genius 18K,  Nox AT10 Genius Arena and the Nox AT10 Genius Hard by Agustin Tapia padel racket.

Meet with us the Nox padel racquets

Nox Padel is the official sponsor of Miguel Lamperti, one of the best players on the World Padel Tour, but above all the most mediatic and charismatic player. What we like most about this brand is, without a doubt, the great performance offered by their padel racquets in terms of control and power. In addition, unlike other padel racquets from other brands, Nox padel racquets have the best materials on the market which provides incredible durability to their padel racquets.

If you are looking for the best Nox padel racquets, this is the place for you.

Nox wanted to satisfy the most demanding players with its range of Nox ML10. These padel racquets are characterised by being light and, therefore, easy to handle thanks to the top quality materials they are made of, but without neglecting the power in the stroke which, needless to say, is quite excellent. All this is due to the fact that they are made with carbon in the frame area and a special Nox EVA rubber in the centre of the padel racket. Among the most notable models in this range we can highlight the Nox Ml 10 Pro Cup, this year Nox is one of the official sponsors of the WPT and to commemorate this they have released two padel racquets, the aforementioned Luxury Nerbo can be classified as a top of the range padel racket. Specifically we can classify it as an attacking padel racket, made with the best current materials and the most innovative technologies such as Multiayered Code, CarbonAluminiced or Rough Surface. And the Nox Luxury Tempo WPT, is the other version of the Nerbo, but this time oriented to control, a padel racket with a round shape and excellent performance make it one of the best options for players who have a control-oriented style and like to play from the back of the court.

Can I find Nox Outlet padel racquets offers?

The answer is yes. You can find padel racquets at very low prices as you will find Nox 2022 padel racquets and Nox 2023 padel racquets. Also, if you are looking for padel racquets with the best deals and the best prices on the market, we invite you to visit our padel racket outlet section.

Padel racket Nox Woman

At M1 padel we know that padel is a sport that knows no gender or age so you will be able to find a wide range of Nox padel racquets for women, Nox padel racquets for children of course. And, right now we will also have available the new Nox padel racquets for 2024, so you can enjoy the highest quality from day one. We have already tested them and we can assure you that they promise!

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