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Made from the best textiles and technical materials to reduce the feeling of weight and increase strength. Comfortable, beautiful, spacious and high quality. The perfect combination between sports - casual backpack ideal for carrying all your things both in the day to day and for training and matches

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Designed and made with the best textiles and technical materials for high capacity, reduced weight and increased strength. The perfect combination between sports - executive backpack, ideal for carrying all your stuff to matches, tournaments and also the office.

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The new padel bag designed exclusively for the youngest master in the world: Agustin Tapia. With new reinforcements and custom zips, this compact but large capacity bag allows you to carry everything the 'Genio de Catamarca' needs for his training and tournaments. It also has thermal compartments to protect the padel racquets and keep your drinks cool

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High quality padel racket bag Navy Blue. With thermal compartment to protect your padel rackets, multiple compartments and pockets, including compartment for shoes and bag for dirty clothes. Careful ergonomics to carry everything with you everything you need in your matches and tournaments.

Nox x World Padel Tour toiletry bag in the shape of a padel bag. Multi-purpose organiser bag with a small size and large capacity. Ideal for travelling with maximum comfort, style and elegance. Can be used both for personal toiletries and as a hand bag for keys, wallet, mobile phone, etc.

Nox Padel Bags

Nox is one of the most renowned brands in padel that you will always see related to professional players such as Miguel Lamperti, The Alayeto twins or Aguntin Tapia and this is because Nox always seeks to offer the best so every year continues to renew and improve their padel racquets and backpacks so you can keep your padel racket in the best possible way and everything you need to play.