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The Munich Pad X Yellow shoes are characterised by their resistance in the instep area thanks to the injected KPU piece, which provides resistance to abrasion in the shoe.


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At M1 Padel we show you the best Munich padel shoes. Munich knows how important it is to play with the right shoes and has dedicated a range especially for padel. In Munich Sport the most important thing is the convenience and comfort to reduce fatigue in your feet throughout the game, so the Munich Padel shoes are made only with quality materials and the latest technologies.

Munich Padel Shoe Technologies

The exceptional performance of Munich padel shoes is due to the development of technologies such as:

X-Lite: Expanded EVA material with high absorption, which provides a more dynamic response in the tread.

Grip Line: Outsole with design to maximize grip.

Antishock Pad: Midsole insert for optimal shock absorption.

X-Agonal Insole: Insole with structural honeycomb design. 

Munich Atomik Padel Shoes

The Munich Atomik padel shoes is a ideal model for padel, combines high performance materials and a perfect structural design. With the Munich Atomik padel shoes you will be ready to dominate the court.

The design of the Munich Atomik Padel Shoes provides an optimal fit to the foot. Its mesh fabric and toe cap reinforced with a KPU piece make the Munich Atomik a truly resistant padel shoe.

Without a doubt, the Munich Atomik is a padel shoe to play with until the last point. Its TPU reinforcement in the bridge provides the necessary stability in lateral movement, while the sole with absorbent Anti-shock inserts, achieves extra cushioning in the heel and grip.

Munich Oxygen Plus padel shoes

The Munich Oxygen Plus Padel Shoes is a lightweight model that adapts easily to the foot, due to its elastic interior. Its base structure of mesh fabric has a reinforced design to protect the areas most exposed to abrasion.

The midsole of the Munich Oxygen Plus also incorporates Anti-Shock inserts to optimize heel cushioning. Finally, the TPU-reinforced bridge maximizes stability and control in lateral movements.

Munich Pad X padel shoes

Experience extra grip with the Munich Pad X padel shoes. Due to the Grip Line technology, the sole is provided with extra traction on the court.

The resistance of the Munich PadX padel shoes is achieved due to a base structure of mesh fabric and reinforced with KPU, providing additional durability to the shoe.