Kelme padel racquets, a very valid option

Kelme has decided to start in the padel market with its new range of Kelme padel racquets, among which we can highlight some like the Kelme Felina padel racket, the best power racket that Kelme brings us this year or the Kelme Olimpica padel racket, one of the best padel racquets that Kelme brings us this year.

These Kelme padel racquets give us the control and hardness necessary to dominate our rivals. Specifically the Olimpica has been designed to be balanced in attack and control and to maintain a good defence combined with a good attack. It is one of the padel racquets with the best attack and control. It has been designed without holes and with a rough feel to increase the output of the ball and avoid vibrations.

On the other hand, the LYNX 2018 is a padel racket with memory effect to get more forcefulness in every ball hit.

Are Kelme padel racquets worth it?

Without thinking twice, we have made our decision: Yes, Kelme padel racquets are a more than valid option for both experienced players and intermediate or beginner level. From M1 Padel we recommend some of the best models according to our point of view. We highlight the Olimpica padel racket, being one of the best padel racquets of this firm. The Coyote padel racket, with a unique design that exceeds the expectations of many experienced players. And finally, the Jackal padel racket, a very safe racket with great handling and comfort, made of carbon fibre, if you are looking for safe strokes, this is the Kelme racket you need.

At M1 PADEL we sell all Kelme padel racquets, all their mid and top of the range rackets. Some of their padel racquets incorporate the Xtra Soft Black Eva technology that helps to enhance the ball exit without generating a lot of vibrations in the padel racket. These types of padel racquets stand out for those players who have elbow problems.

From M1 CENTRAL we take our hats off to the technology that Kelme has implemented in their padel racquets, the holes have been placed in strategic places on the racquet to enhance this technology that we were talking about, and thus improve the sweet spot.

The sports brand from Elche, once again makes clear its commitment to all types of sport with the production of high quality padel racquets that provide maximum performance on the court. Kelme Padel has launched padel racquets for different types of players; those looking for power or those looking for control. The 2018 Kelme padel racket line will not leave anyone indifferent. Undoubtedly, a different brand.

You can also find a wide variety of padel racquets in our specialised Padel Rackets section.

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