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The insole is made of pre-moulded EVA to adjust to the shape of the foot and the midsole is made of 2 mm natural EVA stitched to the upper.

Excellent cushioning is provided by the use of the REACTIVEBALL system in the midsole. It is a material that expands easily, which gives it an enormous capacity to absorb the impact of the foot strike and at the same time it recovers its shape quickly, boosting the exit. In addition, the midsole is composed of another higher density phylon base that provides stability as part of the FULL DUAL PULSOR system.

The outsole is made of highly resistant DIN-40 abrasion rubber and incorporates STABILIS SYSTEM, a TPU piece that stabilises the stride and avoids inappropriate turns.



Discover the Joma Padel shoes

Joma is one of the most advanced brands in the padel world, it has an impressive textile collection. This year it has developed a new range of shoes. The Joma padel shoes are of a high quality construction, they are made with a deep herringbone for the padel player who likes to feel the grip on the court.

In M1 Padel you can find a lot of Joma shoes, always at the best price. In 2019, the Joma Padel Shoes Department decided to reinvent itself, bringing out a special range sponsored by the World Padel Tour, improving and perfecting its formula for creating padel shoes. This shoe is the T.Slam Men WPT, characterized by a beautiful design this shoe has a great cushioning and incredible comfort.