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J-Hayber starts the 2022 season with its J-Hayber Dominator Carbon 3k model, ideal for players looking for control throughout the match, also with its rough surface on the faces you will be able to enhance your shots with spin and drop shots.

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J'Hayber Attack 12K the top padel racket of the 2022 J'Hayber Padel Collection, the J-Hayber power racket favourite for expert level players.

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The J'Hayber Dominator 12K, the favourite racket of Agustín Gómez Silingo, the 16th player on the World Padel Tour.

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Approximate availability from 12 July.

The J'Hayber Veneno 12K racket, a diamond shaped racket that will give you the power you need for aggressive shots.

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The new J-Hayber Spartack padel racket, a 12k carbon racket changing with a Black Eva rubber core to give the best sensations.

J'Hayber 2024 padel racq0uets, quality for everybody

This year 2024 Jhayber has pleasantly surprised us with some of its models. The padel racquets that J'Hayber brings to the market are both padel racquets that bring innovations, as well as previous models that have worked well at all times. 

Among the new padel racquets we find the new version of the Dominator model, the padel racket designed by Silingo this year, the J'hayber Dominator D3K, a round padel racket, with a wide sweet spot that comes with its very compact carbon layers. That combined with its Eva Black rubber, make this padel racket a racket with a hard touch but with a great ball output.

 For this season 2024, Jhayber padel has designed a more accessible version of the Warrior model, the J'hayber Warrior Fit racket , a racket with a large sweet spot that allows you to have control of the game at all times, sending the ball to any corner you want. The padel racket offers unparalleled comfort during the game, due to its shape and its high quality materials. Among its manufacturing materials we find carbon in the frame, achieving a great resistance and fiberglass in its faces, with which we have a better flexibility when hitting and facilitates the control and better feel of the ball.

The best padel racquets JHayber 

The top ranges of J'Hayber are made entirely of carbon, both the hitting part or face of the racket and the tubular or frame of the racket, but by having the rubber of the Black EVA racket, which is flexible, the result we get is a J'Hayber padel racket with a good balance between control and attack. As one of the best attacking padel racquets of the brand we can highlight the J'Hayber Attack, a more aggressive padel racket, but without leaving control aside. This is thanks to its rough face to give more spin to the ball. 

Finally, we would like to talk about one of the best padel racquets that J'Hayber has made personally, this is the J'Hayber Spartack, a very versatile racket that combines the best of both worlds, attack and control. On the attacking side, we can highlight a padel racket made of 12K carbon, with an excellent resistance and hardness, perfect for those finishes. If what we want is the best part of control, we have a padel racket with a large sweet spot that lets us feel every stroke to get the ball in place. If we add to this its sandpaper-like roughness, we have the perfect combination made padel racket.

J'Hayber 2021 Padel Rackets

In our shop we have all kinds of Jota Jaiber padel racquets, in our wide catalogue of padel racquets from other seasons you can find models that even being from last year are some of the best performing padel racquets you will find in the market. In addition we also have padel racquets from the latest collection at a very attractive price. 

The characteristics of J'hayber padel racquets

J'Hayber padel racquets are padel racquets that demonstrate their quality in all game modalities: Control, Power and Mixed, and each one of them also includes padel racquets for women and juniors. The Spanish firm demonstrates in each of its collections that it cares about the needs of each player, offering resistant and high quality padel racquets for high performance athletes or for those who are just starting out in padel. They are made of carbon fibre and Black EVA rubber, very high quality materials. J Hayber, Spanish brand, shows more and more, that it cares about the needs of each athlete, offering resistant and high quality padel racquets, for high performance athletes and for customers who are new to the sport of padel. These padel racquets are made of carbon fibre and Black EVA rubber, very high quality materials. If we had to choose 5 words that define the J Hayber padel racquets these would be: performance, quality, versatility, sensations and resistance. We are in love with J'Hayber padel racquets and with its J'Hayber Spada it has become one of the most important brands in the current padel racket scene.

The Jhayber Dominator D3K padel racket is also an eye-catcher. Built entirely in carbon and with many features that may surprise you, such as its face with a rough surface with which you can hit the ball and cause more effect.

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