Head Revolt Padel Shoes

Head Revolt 3.5 Clay Padel Shoes

The Head Revolt Pro 3.5 Clay is a premium model perfect for padel. They offer a perfect balance between comfort and stability. The TRI-NRG structure optimises the transfer of energy with every step, while the adjustable instep straps ensure that the foot is supported at all times.
The Head Revolt 3.5 Clay padel shoes features durable and breathable mesh for comfort, while the Energy upper and Hybrasion+ outsole ensure that your foot stays secure, traction and grip on the court.

Head Revolt Pro Clay Padel Shoes

Are you looking for stability, comfort and security in every step? We recommend the Head Revolt Pro Clay padel shoes, a premium shoe that is comfortable and lightweight.
The Head Revolt Pro Clay padel shoes also incorporates the Head Energy Frame system that reinforces the heel and sides of the Head Revolt Pro Clay. The mesh design, reinforced with a polyurethane layer, makes the Head Revolt Pro Clay a tough and durable shoe.
Head has managed to provide this model with great stability by integrating the Lateral Control system in the sole, preventing ankle twisting, and the LockDown Strap technology, fastenings located in the middle part of the Head Revolt Pro Clay padel shoes, to keep the foot always in the right place.