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Ideal for advanced players and with an updated Auxetic construction, the Head Delta Pro 2022 padel racket will help you better control your game and dominate the match with its explosive power.

The Head Flash 2023 Red Black racket is ideal for casual and intermediate players. Its teardrop shape and extra-large size bring power and energy to the game, while the fibreglass hitting surface provides a soft feel. With a large sweetspot and eye-catching design, the FLASH racket is an excellent choice for improving your on-court skills.


Head 2023 racquets according to our experts

Head presents its new collection for this new 2023, which has as jewel in the crown the new Head Pala Speed Pro X 2023 racket, a racket that has a lot of features that will perfect your game. Among all the features it offers, you can find its 12k transparent carbon surface that improves the sensations when hitting with the racket.

We also want to highlight the Head Alpha Elite 2022 padel racket, which shares the same mould as its big sister, the Alpha Pro, but with a much more flexible rubber which improves the sensations and ease of play. This padel racket offers a unique feel combined with its teardrop shape, making it a very comfortable all-round padel racket to play with. On the other hand, we highlight the Head Alpha Motion 2022, the intermediate range of the Alpha line. With a lower weight than those previously mentioned and made of 100% carbon both in the frame and in its faces, this padel racket is a great intermediate point between power and control. It has a softer feel than the Alpha Pro, just enough to gain control and ball feel. Undoubtedly, another great option for this 2022.

Finally, we wanted to talk about the great novelty for 2022, the Head Zephyr 2022, and its other two versions, the Head Zephyr Pro 2022 and the Head Zephyr Ul, one of the lightest padel racquets in the Head Padel 2022 collection.

Best Padel Rackets Head Price Quality

When we hear about Head it is always to talk about greatness. It is a brand that has already become a benchmark and an example to follow when it comes to sport. And I'm not just talking about their Head padel racquets, but they are also very present in other sports such as tennis and skiing. In our catalogue you can find a variety of Head padel racquets from other years, such as Head 2021 padel racquets, and of course the new season of Head 2022 padel racquets. Find Head Control padel racquets or Head Graphene padel racquets.

We have Head padel racquets available for all types of people, such as the 2022 Head women's padel racquets. With which you will be able to find greater comfort when playing by having less weight and better balance, they are very manageable padel racquets and with foam rubber to improve the sensations and also the power in the intermediate power strokes. Find the best Head 2022 padel racquets here at M1 Padel!

The Best Deals on Head 2021 Padel Rackets

At M1 Padel we are always looking for a wide selection of padel racquets so that you can find the right racket for you, that's why we offer you both the Head 2022 and 2021 padel racquets catalogues and as always with the best offers.

Are Head Padel Rackets worth it?

The answer is a resounding YES. Find here at M1 Padel the best Head padel racquets on the market today, both in its range of padel racquets and footwear you will find the highest quality today. In addition, in this brand you will have a great versatility as far as Head padel racquets are concerned.

Whether you are an expert player or a beginner, you will find the perfect padel racket to accompany you in your matches. From M1 padel we can not stop recommending them to our customers.

Head Padel Rackets for women

We have Head padel rackets available for all types of people, such as the Head 2022 women's padel rackets. With which you will be able to enjoy greater comfort when playing, having less weight and optimized balance. Head women's padel rackets are very manageable and fast padel rackets, with foam cores to improve the sensations and power in intermediate power strokes. 

Head padel has unisex designs that are suitable for both men and women. Among the Head padel rackets for women, the Head Alpha Motion padel racket is the one chosen by the WPT professional player Ari Sanchez for its features and great performance on the court. This model features the exclusive Graphene 360 and Smart Bridge technology to improve handling, touch, comfort and versatility. A hybrid padel racket that will allow us to feel comfortable in defense thanks to its control, and that will provide us with the power and speed needed to attack with confidence.

Find the best Head padel rackets for women 2022 here, in M1 PADEL!

Head padel rackets for kids

If you are looking for Head padel rackets for children, in the Head Padel section you will find available models inspired by adult Head padel rackets, but with the weight adapted to achieve a lighter and more manageable Head padel rackets for children

The Head padel rackets for children have Power Foam cores and frames reinforced with Innegra technology to improve shock absorption and stability of the blow. 

In addition, to increase the strength and durability of the Head padel rackets for children, they incorporate an integrated protector system, pre-molded in carbon that protects the padel racket from bumps and scratches.

Head Padel Technologies


The new generation of Head padel rackets is the first to incorporate the new Head Auxetic technology. It is this new technique of construction of the bridge of the padel racket gets a better feeling of touch, and even in the off-center impacts. With the new Head Auxetic technology you will achieve greater feedback and to hit with greater confidence.

Tailored Frame

Head Padel makes each frame to measure, always looking for different designs to give more or less rigidity to each area of the padel racket according to the needs and the model.

Extreme Spin

The planes of some Head padel rackets have a rough surface that multiplies the impression of spin on the ball. Achieve impossible spin and rotation thanks to the Extreme Spin finish.

Smart Bridge

Each Head padel rackets is different, some will look for control and precision, others for power or comfort. To adapt perfectly to these needs, Head Padel has included the Smart Bridge in its latest models.

Graphene 360+ 

The perfect combination of Graphene 360 technology with innovative spiral fibers to achieve maximum transfer and give the model greater flexibility, offering the player a crisp feel at impact.

Flexible Chassis

New tubular construction design for a softer bond with the rubber, taking into account the necessary stiffness in each area of the tubular, providing greater comfort.

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