Heal padel pro S, the ball used in professional tournaments internationally, a fast ball that will offer you an agile and active game.

Head Padel Balls

Head padel balls are one of the most professional padel ball brands. Head balls are the best selling balls on the market due to their value for money. In M1 Padel we offer you, among others, their two most demanded products: Head Padel Pro Balls and Head Padel Pro S Balls.

Official World Padel Tour Ball

As we have already mentioned before, Head balls have a long history and have become the reference ball in the world of padel, as for several years it has become the official ball of the World Padel Tour and the quality offered by these balls makes it the ball of choice for padel professionals. It keeps the pressure for several matches, has a good bounce and a great feel. It is the ball par excellence that is always recommended.
From Deportes Match we recommend Head padel balls knowing that it is one of the best brands and is a leader in this sector.