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Did you think it was all made up? From M1 Padel we congratulate the great innovation of the season: The Enebe Supra Carbon.

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The Enebe Matrix padel racket is a new model that incorporates the brand within its highest line of the brand. With a teardrop form and medium balance

New collection of padel racquets Enebe 2022

 Enebe starts a new journey with its new collection of padel racquets totally renewed and of course maintains some of its flagships. The new collection of padel racquets Enebe has surprised us. New models, new materials, new molds, new shapes, new technologies, it's amazing, we were testing the new models of padel racquets Enebe in our padel racket laboratory in our shop M1 Central Alicante. We are going to highlight 3 models, although we could talk about many more as its new collection of padel racquets is very extensive and covers all types of padel racquets for all styles of play, from manageable control padel racquets with a large sweet spot to high balance and diamond shape padel racquets for lovers of power padel racquets. We want to highlight 3 models for their great performance, the quality of its materials (carbon 17k) and its great power and this without losing the feeling. These padel racquets are the Enebe Supra Carbonthe Enebe Spitfire 2021 and of course the Enebe Massive Attack.

Discover Enebe padel racquets

Enebe is one of the most popular brands of paddle on the Mediterranean coast, this historic brand born in Alicante is characterized by a great value for money which has earned the affection of the community of paddle players. From M1 Padel we do not stop recommending Enebe padel racquets for players who are starting out in this wonderful sport and are looking for a high quality padel racket. Among the entire catalogue, if you do not decide on what padel racket Enebe should buy do not hesitate to come to our shop to receive the best advice from our experts and try if you need the padel racket in our padel racket totally FREE.

Enebe Padel Rackets 2021

In M1 Padel we have the complete catalogue of Enebe padel racquets, you can find both padel racquets 2022 and padel racquets 2021 so, if you were left with the desire to buy a padel racket with a design of the previous year you are in luck, because you will find the padel racket of 2021 with the best prices on the market.

Cheap Enebe padel racquets.

With the return of Enebe to the padel racket scene have also returned 3 of its great classics, they are 3 Enebe racquets cheap for its price, but for its materials are 3 high-end padel racquets. The Enebe RSX for the most aggressive players is a diamond padel racket, with high balance and 100% carbon composition. The Enebe Aerox 7.2 which has been one of the best selling padel racquets in the history of the brand returns at an unbeatable price, it is a hybrid racket very balanced between control and power. Last but not least the Enebe Combat, made of 100% carbon and round shape is suitable for players looking for control and manageability.

You can also find a wide variety of padel racquets in our specialised Padel Rackets section.

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