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Best Dunlop 2022 padel racquets according to our experts

If we want to talk about the best Dunlop padel racquets we obviously have to talk about their representatives on the World Padel Tour. One of them is the great Ramiro Moyano, the racket that this player uses is the Dunlop Aero-Star PRO, it is a pretty versatile padel racket, but standing out more in the control section, we also highlight a very good sweet spot. Another of the padel racquets that we want to highlight is the Dunlop Galactica Pro, the racket used by his star player, Juani Mieres, who was world number 3 in the World Padel Tour. This is a Dunlop padel racket with a diamond shape, aggressive, to play from the net and finish off your opponents. Suitable for those looking to hit the best shot.

In addition, but no less important, we would like to highlight two more novelties for 2022 in the Dunlop padel racquets. On the one hand, we find the Dunlop Aero-Star, a padel racket oriented to the power game with a diamond shape. Combined with its 12-layer Japanese carbon, it is a very aggressive padel racket that is perfect for topspin and net surges. Finally, another of the most interesting options for 2022 is the Dunlop Aero-Star Lite, a padel racket that shares the same mould and most of the materials of the Aero-Star line. The big difference for this padel racket is that it has a reduced weight compared to its sisters. This is due to its Ultra Soft EVA rubber, which makes it softer to hit. The weight of this padel racket is around 350 grams.

Features of the Dunlop 2021 padel racquets

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Of course, not forgetting the DUNLOP JUNIOR padel racquets, such as the Aero-Star Junior padel racket, so that the little ones can get started in the sport of padel. All the models we offer of DUNLOP padel racquets at the best price, the best offers and with the best guarantees of success thanks to our variety in stock, our advice and our padel racket laboratory included in the physical shop.

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Find the best of Dunlop padel

Dunlop Padel, always in constant study to improve their padel racquets, has developed, together with the company BASF, the first racket with Infinergy material, providing greater power and durability to the racket. M1 PADEL will give you the best advice on Dunlop padel racquets so that you can try them on our padel racket and find the best padel racket for your needs as a player.

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