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The Drop Shot Ultimate 18K Red is a racket designed for advanced players who need a racket that responds to the most demanding situations.

What do Drop Shot padel racquets offer in 2022?

Drop Shot is one of the brands that is standing out lately in the world of padel, this is thanks to the fact that year after year, they improve. For this 2022 we can highlight some of their high-end padel racquets, such as the Drop Shot Conqueror 9.0, a season racket that carries the living legend of Juan Martin Diaz. A padel racket made by the hand of this player, giving his advice as an expert professional player of the World Padel Tour circuit. This is a padel racket with medium balance, double carbon tubular incorporated into the frame and teardrop shape, in the centre of the racket the incorporation of the EVA Tech rubber stands out, which provides great control and elasticity in the stroke as well as a large sweet spot.

On the other hand, we highlight another of Drop Shot's big bets for 2022, the Drop Shot Conqueror 9.0. This padel racket shares the same mould and manufacturing materials as its sister, but the rubber has been replaced by a Soft EVA to give the padel racket a better feel and control.

The best materials for Drop Shot padel racquets

Drop Shot padel racquets are made with a polypropylene fibre, called Innegra S., which reduces the weight of the racket and gives the racket a very good resistance to the touch of the ball and to the damages caused by the game. It also incorporates the exclusive Curv technology, which is included in the sides of the padel racket, giving it power, resistance and flexibility.

In M1 PADEL you will be able to find a wide range of Drop Shot women's padel racquets, with the great advantage of trying them in our padel racket, located in the same physical shop. Our padel racket is the best laboratory you can find in Spain and here you can enjoy our professional advice so that you always get the padel racket that best suits your needs in your needs when it comes to the game, trying the padel racquets, so that you always get it right.

The best Drop Shot padel racquets of 2022

From M1 PADEL we also recommend the Drop Shot Delta, made with a carbon composite that Drop Shot has called Carbon 3000, which gives the padel racket an excellent stiffness along with great power. Its diamond shape together with its wide sweet spot make it a padel racket with a very good control. Completely intended for expert players who have an offensive game.

Currently we also have the Drop Shot Conqueror 8.0 padel racket, one of the big bets of the Drop Shot brand for last year. And this padel racket is still more than valid today. With a versatile playing style and teardrop shape, it is a high-end padel racket designed for expert players looking to maximize the quality of their shots while getting the ball anywhere on the court effortlessly. Its double carbon tubular and carbon face make it a very strong and durable padel racket.

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