Our new home padel racket testing service is designed for those who want to try the racket before buying it. From M1 Padel - Deportes Match, we have always wanted to offer the best service to our customers, that's why five years ago we decided to put a court inside our shop M1 Central, so we can test the blades at the time and find the one that best suits each client. Now we wanted to bring this experience to all our customers' homes.

That is why we have proposed a new type of service, where you will be able to choose the racket you want to try and you will receive it at your home. Once the time you can have the racket at home is over, a carrier will come to pick it up. If you are satisfied with the racket, we will send you a completely new one at no additional cost.

And who can enjoy this service?

We currently offer this service in mainland Spain. The service has a cost of 25€* in the case of not making the purchase, but if you decide to buy the racket the test is totally free. Any citizen residing in Spain Peninsula can enjoy the service of paddle test at home.

Before sending the test racket, detailed photos of the condition of the racket will be sent via email, as the racket must be returned in the same condition in which it was sent, with no damage. The maximum time that you can have the racket at home is one week (seven days) from the moment you receive it. It is possible to request an earlier collection of the test paddle. This should be communicated by telephone on 965 42 00 82.

How do I get a test paddle?

It is very simple, all you have to do is go to the section "Test rackets" located in the section "Rackets" and pay the full amount of the racket. Once the test period is over, the customer must choose if he/she wants to keep the racket. If the customer keeps the racket, the test racket will be collected and a completely new one will be sent to him/her at no additional cost. On the other hand, if the customer decides not to keep the racket, the amount paid will be refunded, except for a €25 shipping and handling fee.

In case of non-compliance with the conditions, Deportes Match reserves the right to cancel the refund of the amount paid.