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The evolution of the Babolat brand within the paddle tennis world has been spectacular in all its product lines.

In accessories, balls, clothing and bags, Babolat has been using the best quality materials for many years and launching products with spectacular qualities and designs. But what has made Babolat the most powerful brand in the paddle world is the evolution of its shoes and padel rackets collection.

Footwear: In 2018, Babolat launches the revolutionary lightweight, comfortable and breathable BABOLAT JET footwear with strategically placed pieces for greater stability and resistance against abrasion. In a following collection this shoe evolves to the JET PREMURA with all the advantages of the Jet line but with a specific sole for the practice of paddle. In 2021 they have made some adjustments to the sole to improve grip and durability.

Padel Rackets: We can say that Babolat entered into the brands that offered top materials 2 seasons ago, but with the 2021 padel collection they have developed moulds and materials with the best technologies to launch a structured Premium collection that meets the needs of players of all types and levels of play. It is one of the favorite collections of the M1 Padel technicians.

At M1 Padel we have decided to create an exclusive independent site for Babolat Padel products to give it the importance it is worth. The French brand has had a spectacular evolution within the paddle world in all the product lines that have been developed.


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The Babolat Technical Vertuo 2021 paddle racket, with its diamond shape and high balance point makes for extremely powerful strokes when attacking. 

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Chosen as the 2019 Padel Shoe of the Year and worn by Juan Lebron (number 1 player on the pro tour in 2019), the Jet Premura is the ultimate padel shoe. Excellent support, thanks to its Matryx* woven upper, 360° flexibility in the forefoot and a Michelin sole 100% adapted to the movements of padel, allow you to feel and anticipate every moment of the match.
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You have to look for a ball about to leave the court, or defend at a difficult angle? If you need confidence in all circumstances, Movea is the ideal shoe for you. It has several reinforcements, which make it more durable. With its integrated double side straps, it offers you unparalleled stability. The knitted mesh in the forefoot offers the ultimate in comfort. Dare to take the most daring strokes.
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€100.00 -31%
The Jet TERE is designed for speed (Tere = speed in Maori). Its sleek design and airy mesh will give you the feeling of flying down the runway, offering a good compromise between lightness, comfort and agility.
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€140.00 -66%
Do you have aggressive footwork, a strong stride and can glide on hard courts? The Propulse Fury is ideal for you! It has several reinforcements, which make it more durable. Thanks to its large, wrap-around side strips, which offer you unparalleled stability and unique comfort, your shots will be more precise.
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This polo shirt is made from a soft and flexible fabric, naturally stretchy, to keep you comfortable on the court. The collar has been modernised, but retains its classic style. Easy to wear, this polo shirt is perfect for teams.