About us


M1 Padel was born as a sub-shop of the group Deportes Match in order to offer our customers the best exclusive and personalized padel service.

In 2000 we organized the First Padel M1 Padel Tournament, and until today, we continue to be organizers of a great variety of events related to the world of padel: tournaments, meetings, clinics with professionals, etc. In addition, we have been present at stands of the most relevant tournaments in the paddle tennis world: PP Tourand World Padel Tour. In addition, we have a highly specialized staff to advise our customers in all aspects.

With our paddle store, we wanted to go one step further by building a paddle court inside the central store of Deportes Match (M1 Central - Alicante), which is now available for anyone who wants to measure themselves and try out the padel rackets on the court.


Deportes Match - M1 Padel is nowadays a leading shop in the racket sports sector and has more than ten shops spread all over the peninsula and the Balearic Islands in Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid, Málaga, Murcia, Palma de Mallorca, Tarragona, etc.

We are currently a reference store thanks to our quality service, the personalized advice of our padel experts and the great advantages we offer to each customer such as our secure and reliable online sales service, guaranteed minimum prices, express mail shipments and 90 days to return any of our products.


M1 Padel - Deportes Match have at your disposition experts in padel and other racket sports to offer you the best service not only as a customer with quality products and great offers, but also as a player with the best technical advice and the personalized attention, so that you can improve in every match.


Enjoy and try out the different padel rackets to find out which one is best suited to your qualities and movements. In the M1 Central de Deportes Match store (Alicante) you have the opportunity to play with one of our experts, to get the best advice you can find. Find out which paddle is right for you under the supervision of our professionals, who will help you choose the best option, although the final decision will always be yours. Come and enjoy our laboratory court and know the behavior of the paddle rackets by yourself, don't let them tell you.


At M1 Padel, we offer the best paddle brands in the market; Nox, Head, Vibor-A, J'Hayber, Babolat, Black Crown, Asics, Adidas, Wilson, Bullpadel and many more. A very complete range of stock that allows our customers to know the whole spectrum of possibilities they have so they do not choose the wrong option because they have all the options available. For all types of players, from beginners to professionals. Enjoy the best paddles in M1 Padel.