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Undoubtedly everyone knows the prestigious brand Bullpadel. A brand that is year after year in top sales in absolutely all the products that it manufactures, and it is something that is understandable. They have great experts in their development department to innovate by manufacturing their products with the best materials to always be at the head in terms of padel rackets. And not only in rackets, in their shoe department, Bullpadel applies the same philosophy of work to make all players satisfied to achieve the best possible performance on the court.

The Bullpadel padel shoes at the best price

At Bullpadel they are sure of the priority when it comes to making the best padel shoes: the sole. On today's padel courts we are all clear that the most important thing is the grip on the court, slipping in the middle of a point can mean the difference between victory and defeat, so they have made an incredible herringbone sole.

One of the models to be highlighted is the Bullpadel Hack 2020, a shoe that carries in its name one of the most successful paddle ranges of the last years, high quality padel shoes, in fact they are the Bullpadel shoes that Paquito Navarro uses this year in the WPT. Of course, the other model that we must highlight is the Bullpadel Vertex 2020, as it happens in the padel rackets, these two are the shoes that make a difference in the Bullpadel 2020 shoes collection, being its two models of higher quality, available in both green and fluorine. Of course, you will find all this at the best price in the whole market, only in m1 padel, a store specialized in racket sports with 40 years of experience.