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Technical padel backpack with reinforced semi-rigid compartment for 2 padel racquets. This Bullpadel backpack also incorporates a separate compartment for footwear and used clothing.

Also given the design it has is designed to carry your laptop or tablet in a special padded compartment.

It has a side handle for transport as a briefcase and multiple pockets.

The Bullpadel backpack fabric is water repellent and its straps are also padded, adjustable and hidden.

Do you want Bullpadel padel bags?

You've found what you're looking for!  Bullpadel backpacks and Bullpadel padel bags are famous for their high quality of manufacture and design. Being one of the leading brands in the market, Bullpadel is also positioned as one of the best brands of paleteros and backpacks in the market. With resistant fabrics and thinking at all times in the specialized product for the player.

Bullpadel Backpack

Because if we're talking about the Bullpadel backpack, we're talking about the one that's king in the market.  The Bullpadel paddlebags are spacious and resistant, with many compartments to store and organize all kinds of objects comfortably, in addition to the racket itself, of course. 

The Bullpadel backpacks are divided into three ranges, there is the Funline range, slightly more oriented to the youngest, with a reduced size and designed to store little more than the racket.  A range higher up we have the Avantline range, an adult line thought for those who are looking for a Bullpadel backpack at a good price and with good materials, without having to spend a great amount of money. Finally, the top of the Bullpadel range is the Proline range, with protections on the front of the backpack, designed for advanced players who are going to carry the equipment long distances.

Bullpadel Padel Bags

Bullpadel is top in the world of paddle tennis, and they could not underestimate this position in their padel bags.  Bullpadel padel bags are great for all kinds of players. As they do in the backpacks, the Bullpadel padel bags are divided into three ranges.

The most basic range would be the Funline, the difference is that this time it is not oriented to the youngest of the house, it is oriented to the players who want an economic padel bagrack of good construction materials and a smaller size.  Having space to transport the racket and some clothes, it is a good option for beginners.

The Avantline range is of a higher level and has a thermal compartment to transport the rackets without being affected by the temperature. The Avantline range is ideal for those who are looking for a good relationship between size and comfort. With plenty of space to store your racket and clothes, it is one of the ranges we most recommend to our customers.

Finally, we can talk about the highest range of padel bags makers. The Proline range is perfect for intermediate or more advanced players. With rigid protections on the sides to keep the racket safe, and a compartment on each side of the bag to put the racket in and keep it safe from cold, heat or humidity. This is the highest range of Bullpadel paddlewheels, like those used by real professionals such as Paquito Navarro or Maxi Sanchez. In these paleteros we found a great space to be able to keep all type of objects and clothes, and even so we will have more than enough space.

Discover the Bullpadel 2020 padel bags in m1padel with all the technologies in materials and with amazing designs.