What are the measurements of a padel net?

What are the measurements of a padel net?

The padel net measures 10 metres in length and is 0.88 metres high in the centre, rising to a maximum of 0.92 metres at the ends.

The net is suspended by a metal cable up to 1 centimetre in diameter, attached to two side posts with a maximum height of 1.05 metres. It is important that the cable tensioning device is designed to prevent the cable from coming loose unexpectedly and not pose a risk to the players.

The net posts are located at the side boundaries of the court and may be circular or square in cross-section, but must have rounded edges. The net is topped with a white upper band, with a width between 5.0 and 6.3 cm. Inside this band is the cable for attaching the net, and an additional band with advertising can also be added, as long as it does not exceed 9.0 cm in width.

It is important that the net is fully extended, occupying all the space between the posts and the surface of the court, without leaving any space between the ends of the net and the posts. However, the net should not be too taut.

As for the mesh of the net, the constituent yarns are made of synthetic fibres and the width of the mesh is small enough to prevent the ball from passing through it.