The fabulous Wilson pro overgrip is the world's best-selling overgrip.

The fabulous Wilson pro overgrip is the world's best-selling overgrip.

Wilson pro overgrip, ¡¡Maximum Adherence!!

The overgrip Wilson Pro is one of the best overgrips on the market, it stands out in adherence because it is made with a special material that makes it stick to your hand, which allows better control of the padel racket, better traction and grip. Its adherence allows the padel racket not to twist in your hand after each stroke.
From the M1 Padel technical team we think it is the best selling overgrip on the market because it helps to make the padel racket an extension of your arm as it allows you to execute your shots with total precision..

Wilson overgrip pro

Wilson Comfort Pro Overgrip Padel Features

The main characteristics of Wilson Comfort Pro Overgrip padel are grip, breathability, shock absorption and resistance.
Adherence: provides control over the padel racket when striking the ball and traction.
Shock absorption: absorbs vibrations when hitting the ball, thus avoiding injuries and providing a soft and comfortable feel.
Breathability: perspiration absorption allowing a better grip on the handle.
Resilience use of durable materials for long-lasting performance.

Wilson Pro Smooth Overgrip

The Wilson Pro Overgrip smooth The grip is highly durable and provides full hand contact with the grip, which improves grip and control in all your shots. On the other hand, it provides very good sweat absorption and a very pleasant feel for the players.

Why use the Wilson Overgrip Pro 60?

Wilson Overgrip Pro 60 is a format with 60 individual overgrips presented in an easy to carry can in your padel bag. Being a pack with many units the price per overgrip is much cheaper than in the other formats. Visit our website overgrip pro 60.