Pressure boats - do they really work?

Pressure boats - do they really work?

The new craze: padel ball pressurizers - are they worth it?

And the fact is that this product is all the rage. No one knows what it is but everyone wants one. Nobody knows how beneficial they are for us. Do these pressurising bottles really work miracles? From M1 Padel we have set out to dispel the doubts about it.

First of all, what do they bring us?

Let's start with something very simple. How these cans work: When we open a new padel ball canister it makes a depressurised sound, right? Well, it's not that at all. In order to maintain the pressure of the balls, they increase the pressure of the canister with respect to the balls so that they don't lose any pressure. The moment we open the can and the balls come into contact with unpressurised air, they start to lose pressure. That is why when we play with balls from a freshly opened can, we feel them more comfortable and we like the game more. Well, the pressurised cans are intended to do just that. That every time we put the balls away after a game, we do it in a can in which the pressure is increased, either to maintain the pressure of the balls or to make them recover some of it. This will depend on the pressurising instrument we use.

What options do we have?

The idea is that every time these depressuriser cans are reopened, it is like opening a new can of balls. Today we would like to talk about two products from different brands out of the many options on the market. In our catalogue of padel balls you will be able to find these and many other products. Below we will recommend some options that you will find in our catalogue.

Pascal Box

The Pascal Box is a very accurate, high quality and reliable pressure canister. It is one of the best options we have today. It offers a very precise control of the pressure inside the canister by means of a manometer, and a valve that allows the canister to be filled with air by means of a small pump. Thanks to this we can have a precise control of the pressure we want to have inside the ball. By being able to have an ideal pressure for the padel ball, it will allow us to extend the life of our balls and even recover some balls that we thought were lost. Being able to provide the exact pressure for the padel balls will help the balls to recover some internal pressure. You can find the pressurising canister here .


Tubo Plus

Another option is the Tube Plus. A much smaller device, the size of a ball canister, which does not need any external device to operate. It is a more economical and convenient solution, but it offers a lower pressure inside the canister. This is logical as we cannot introduce air through a valve. By simply screwing the canister we can increase the pressure inside the canister. We can't control the pressure inside the canister so we don't know if the ball will recover or not. The Plus Tube will help you to extend the life of the ball, but after a while you will need to change your padel balls. Find this pressuriser canister here.


Head pressurizer review

Head's innovative pressurisers are designed to restore the original pressure of the padel balls, keeping them in optimal condition between matches. Thanks to its high quality valve, it is possible to inject air into the cylinder and fully restore the pressure of the balls. This product, the most advanced on the market, is easy to use and durable. In addition, its small size and light weight make it easy to handle. The new improved, transparent design allows you to check the condition of the balls. It includes an O-ring and a protective cap for the valve, ensuring its durability.


Best padel ball pressurizer

After analysing all the pressurisers, we have come to the conclusion that there is no one pressuriser that is better than another, as each one can be used depending on its intended use.

However, we do recommend the pressurisers that have a pressure gauge, as with them you will not only be able to maintain the pressure of the padel balls, but you will also be able to recover the pressure, thus extending their useful life.

And most importantly, do they work?

The decisive moment has arrived and from M1 Padel we decided to get involved. Our answer is a resounding yes, we recommend if you buy. This is an investment as you will end up saving on padel balls, either because you manage to maintain the pressure or because you make the balls recover some internal pressure. With these devices you can increase the life span of the balls. In addition, playing with balls with many games means that the balls have less and less pressure, which results in less ball output and therefore, in more aggressive movements to achieve certain shots. This can cause some muscular discomfort due to overexertion.

Of course, if what you prefer is to buy a bottle every time you need it, from M1 Padel we recommend some of the best options on the market. The Head Padel Pro and the Head Padel Pro S are one of the best options. They are a balanced option with great control and durability. Used on the World Padel Tour, trusted by the Spanish Padel Federation, the Portuguese Federation and many other regional federations. We also value the balls of the National Padel Series, the Babolat Padel Tour. A ball prepared for competition, with a braided felt for more durability and thus give more effect to the ball. Finally, we highlight the Bullpadel Premium, a ball approved by the French Tennis Federation prepared to have a long life on the court.

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