Padel Racket measurements

Padel Racket measurements

The total length of the Padel Racket, including the head and the handle, cannot exceed 45.5 cm. The maximum length of the handle is 20 cm. The head of the Padel Racket must have a maximum width of 26 cm and a maximum thickness of 38 mm.

When checking the measurements of the Padel Racket, a tolerance of 2.5% in the thickness of the racket is allowed.

The striking surface must be perforated with cylindrical holes of 9 to 13 mm diameter each throughout the central area. In a peripheral area of 4 centimetres measured from the outer edge of the Padel Racket, holes of different shapes or sizes may be considered, as long as they do not affect the essence of the game.

The hitting surface, which is identical on both sides of the Padel Racket, can be flat, smooth or rough.

It is important to note that the Padel Racket must be free of attached objects and other devices, with the exception of those specifically used to limit or prevent damage, vibrations and weight distribution. Such objects or devices must be reasonable in size and placement for these purposes.

It is also compulsory for the Padel Racket to be fitted with a non-elastic wrist strap or cord as a measure of protection against possible accidents. The maximum permissible length of this lanyard is 35 centimetres.

Complying with these regulations guarantees a fair and equitable game, ensuring that all players compete under the same conditions.
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