Padel shoes are an essential piece of equipment for any player who wants to perform at their best on the court. One of the most important aspects of these is the sole, as it provides the necessary grip on the different playing surfaces. In particular, in the case of the artificial grass courts used on the World Padel Tour, it is essential to have the right sole to get the best performance.


This is a carpet specifically designed for padel, made up of textured monofilaments with a central rib. This curly grass joint offers great resistance to traction and the angled and vertical bounce of the ball. This ensures that the performance is optimal and the sand is not caked. You might think that the new surfaces have no sand, but they do have sand, in fact they have almost as much sand as a club court, although it is not visible. The sand penetrates between the carpet filaments and is trapped between them. So you don't have to redistribute the sand. The balls also benefit from reduced erosion due to the absence of sand on the surface. In short, greater ease and control in all movements, more safety in the game, maximum comfort and a spectacular aesthetic appearance.

The sole of the padel shoes for World Padel Tour grass is characterised by a medium traction type of sole. We must know that the new WPT grass has much more traction than the classic grass and therefore if we play with shoes with high traction soles we are going to be stuck in the brakes. The new soles have different designs depending on the brand but all are designed to offer a medium traction that allow exceptional traction, avoiding slips and giving the player the confidence to make quick and agile movements on the court but without gripping too much to avoid getting stuck to the court. We at M1 Padel have added a filter to make it easier to choose medium traction shoes.

In addition, these medium traction soles have a durable and resistant construction, capable of withstanding the demands of intense and prolonged matches on the World Padel Tour. The technology used in the manufacture of these soles ensures excellent wear resistance, allowing players to enjoy their performance for longer without having to worry about premature sole wear.

The design of the lugs and grooves in the outsole facilitates the expulsion of debris, preventing it from accumulating and compromising grip. This is especially relevant on artificial turf courts, where dust build-up can affect player performance and safety.
The main brands in the sector have created a type of sole with medium traction adapted to the new world padel tour surface.
The Asics brand has created a flexible sole that has a cross-shaped marking that separates the herringbone pattern into different thicknesses, so that it can work on all types of surfaces. It has three different types of pattern, one in the toe area, two equal ones in the lateral areas of the same and another one almost in the middle area, to which we must add an extra one in the rear part with the aim of being able to play with guarantees in all types of carpets, thus avoiding that the foot ''hooks'' or slips too much and we find ourselves with some injury. It also has a kind of circle or pivoting point at the front that favours mobility and the turns that are so common in padel, especially in the part closest to the glass.
Bullpadel has launched the hybrid outsole with herringbone zones in the areas where greater ease of movement is required and micro-tack zones that provide better grip and braking. Ideal for mixed surfaces.
Bullpadel and Vibram, a world leader in the development and production of high performance rubber soles, have teamed up to create the two new models of Bullpadel shoes. In order to offer players the best technology on the market, Vibram has designed a very technical and high quality sole giving Bullpadel designers the best materials to create the ultimate shoes for padel lovers.

Babolat has a range of 100% padel shoes ideal for everyone with technologies that allow those movements, turns and sudden stops are as comfortable as possible and thus minimize the risk of injury. Choosing your ideal shoe will improve your performance, comfort and safety. It has an ultra flexible sole with flex cavities for increased flexibility and dynamism (360-flex concept).

In short, the soles of padel shoes for innovative grass offer players on the professional circuit exceptional grip and optimal stability on artificial grass courts. Their herringbone lug design, wear resistance and ability to evacuate dust make them a reliable choice for the most demanding players.
There are different types of soles used in padel shoes, each designed to suit the different surfaces on which the sport is played. Here are some of the most common types of soles:

Herringbone outsole: This outsole is the most commonly used in padel shoes. It is composed of a herringbone pattern that provides excellent traction on all types of surfaces, be it artificial turf, clay or hard court. The herringbone studs penetrate the surface, providing optimal grip and preventing slipping.

Mixed herringbone outsole: This outsole combines herringbone studs with other grip elements such as grooves or grooves. This combination allows for greater versatility, offering good grip on both artificial turf and hard court surfaces. It is an ideal choice if you play on different types of courts.

Omni Herringbone Outsole: This outsole is specially designed for artificial turf courts. The herringbone studs are strategically placed to provide maximum traction on this type of surface. In addition, this type of outsole tends to be more durable, as it is designed to withstand the wear and tear caused by friction with the turf.
When choosing a padel shoe, it is important to consider the type of surface you will be playing on most often. Each type of sole is designed to perform best on a specific surface, so choosing the right sole will give you the grip and stability you need to get the most out of your game and avoid injury. Remember to also consider other important factors such as cushioning, fit and breathability when choosing your shoes.