M1 Central Test Racket Padel!

M1 Central Test Racket Padel!

M1Central Test Padel Racket !

At Deportes Match we are a company that has a great desire to improve and always offer the best service to our customers. For some time now we have been offering a padel racket testing service in our M1 Central shop located in Alicante.

In this shop we can offer this personalised service as we have a professional padel court inside the shop. This together with the experience of our specialists makes a perfect combination to get the best advice that can be offered. When we started this project we wanted to offer a distinctive service that would make us stand out as a different shop. In short, a way of moving with the times. That is why we believe that this racket testing service is essential for us, because each racket has a different feel and we want our customers to find their ideal racket.

The service consists of the following: Our specialised staff at M1 Central, located in Alicante, will enter the court with the customers who request it and so they will test each racket that the customer wants. As our staff is specialised in padel, they will be able to advise you on which racket is best suited to the style of play of each client in order to find the racket that best suits the needs of each one. We have a wide variety of padel rackets available from all brands! Do you want to try Black Crown rackets? Or do you prefer Asics rackets? Come to M1 Central and you can try these and many more!

We want you to trust us for your racket sports purchases. We encourage you to visit M1Padel.com and find the best prices on padel rackets.