Dunlop Clearance Sale 2018!

Dunlop Clearance Sale 2018!

Dunlop padel racquets sale 2018!

We are currently offering a wide selection from the collection of Dunlop padel rackets 2018 with more than 50% off. From only 65,99€ you can enjoy a new seasonal Dunlop padel racket!

We are currently offering the Dunlop Action and the Dunlop Motion, two high-end padel racquets, with carbon on the face, two padel racquets with a perfect balance between control and power and a great sweet spot, perfect for both experienced and novice players. These two padel racquets are two of the best options at only 109,99€. From M1 Padel we highly recommend them for their high quality materials and of course, for their more than competitive price in the market.

Secondly, we have the Dunlop Hyperfibre range, with the Extreme and Supreme models. This first model is for aggressive players looking for a lot of ball output, with a diamond shape and high balance, this padel racket is in a perfect place for players looking for powerful shots. On the other hand, the Dunlop Hyperfibre Supreme has a little more control than its sister, with a medium balance and a rounder shape, it achieves a perfect balance between power and control. Perfect and versatile for all types of players.

Lastly, we are offering the Dunlop Blitz Graphene, a versatile padel racket for all types of play, with a good ball output and a bit more control than the aforementioned one. It is one of Dunlop's most balanced padel racquets. On the other hand, the Soft version of the same has the same characteristics with less weight in the padel racket, for those players who can not with so much weight in the padel racket with a good balance between control and power.

The last racket we offer is the Dunlop Boost Eclipse, a very economical racket perfect for beginners in the world of padel. We are also including free grips and balls in these padel racquets for those beginners in the world of padel who do not want to spend too much money without losing quality.

Dunlop has released the best range of padel racquets it has ever made and we hope that year after year, they will exceed our expectations. With materials of the highest quality and now at an incredible price. You will be able to find these and many other options from Dunlop and other brands in our section of padel rackets .

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    Me parecen una buena opción para un jugador novato que quiere una buena pala de pádel pero que sea barata.