Drop Shot Padel Rackets, The Padel Revolution

Drop Shot Padel Rackets, The Padel Revolution

Drop Shot Padel Rackets, The Padel Revolution

Today from the M1Padel team we come to talk to you about Drop Shot padel rackets , a leading brand in the padel market that is constantly committed to evolution and has become the image of innovation and development of World Padel Tour. We encourage you to take a look at the latest news at Drop Shot Padel Rackets.

Drop Shot padel racquets, in addition to their aesthetics, stand out for their countless technologies. Most of them have been developed and patented by the brand itself. Having a Drop Shop padel racket is synonymous with having technology in your hand. Among all the technologies that Drop Shop incorporates in its padel racquets, we would like to highlight the following technology TeXtreme Cubicarbon, extra-fine, strong and flexible carbon made of 24,000 carbon filaments per yarn and the technology Cork Cushion Grip, an anti-vibration system consisting of a cork sheet in the grip that will reduce the vibrations reaching the player's hand.
Next, we are going to talk about the padel racquets of Juan Martin Diaz y Lucas Campagnolo who have opted to use Drop Shop padel racquets as they are looking for a top quality padel racket with the latest technology.

Drop Shot


A padel racket within the padel racket family Be One de Drop ShotJuan Martin Diaz, Nº1 for 13 consecutive years with his partner Fernando Belasteguín.

Juan Martin Diaz - Drop Shot

Focusing on the characteristics of this padel racket with the latest technology materials, it has a teardrop-shaped structure and a medium-high balance ideal for a perfect balance between power and control, as well as an adhesive protector that avoids perforating the frame, unlike its predecessor.

Among its wide-ranging characteristics, the carbon TeXtreme Triaxial and those mentioned above Cork Cushion Grip and more technologies such as Twin Tubular System which gives a greater homogeneity of the racket faces as well as stiffness.


The X-Celerator a padel racket designed for an expert player and the one chosen by to continue climbing the rankings World Padel Tour.

This padel racket is the result of the excellent work by I + D de Drop Shot, as its myriad of features include CURV a new material with which we will achieve greater durability, power, flexibility and resistance, we can also find the technology 3D FACE a 3D diamond-shaped texture designed and exclusive to Drop Shot for maximum ball spin. In addition to the technologies Twin Tubular System, TeXtreme Cubicarbon y Cork Cushion Grip.

If you are thinking of turning this padel racket into your next playing partner, you can buy the Drop Shot padel racket X- Celerator from the section of Drop Shot Padel Racket.