Differences between tennis balls and padel balls

Differences between tennis balls and padel balls

Are there any real differences between tennis balls and padel balls?

Today we want to dispel the myth that tennis balls and padel balls are the same. Of course they are not! And today we come to dispel any possible doubts you may have about it. First of all, we start from the premise that there are differences in the regulations of each sport. Although they have a similar form, the characteristics of them differ in some aspects.

Tennis rules

According to the tennis rules, the characteristics of the ball must be within the following range:

  • By definition, the ball must have a uniform white or yellow surface. If it has seams, they must be stitchless.
  • The weight of the ball should be between 56.7 and 58.5 grams.
  • The bounce of the ball should not exceed 147 cm and should at least bounce 135 cm.
  • The diameter of the ball must be between 6.35 cm and 6.67 cm.
  • The ball pressure should be 8.165 kg..

Padel rules and regulations

And on the other hand, the padel ball must have somewhat different characteristics. Although tennis balls can be used to play padel, we do not recommend it. Here are the characteristics that padel balls must have:

  • The ball must be a rubber sphere with a uniform surface and a white or yellow colour. Years ago, orange balls were sold and we would like to point out that these balls are not regulation balls.
  • The weight of the ball must be between 56 and 59.5 grams.
  • Ball bounce should be between 135 and 147 cm.
  • The diameter of the diameter must be greater than 6.35 cm and less than 6.77 cm.
  • The pressure should be between 4.6 kg and 5.2 kg per 2.54 cm².


And what does all this translate into? Simple. If we do not take into account the altitude above sea level, the padel ball has less pressure so it bounces less. This means that the ball does not bounce easily off the court. The tennis ball, on the other hand, has more pressure and a larger surface area. This, together with a longer swing, the strings and the larger surface area of the racket, means that the ball comes off the court more easily and plays faster.

We would also like to point out the difference between a natural felt and a synthetic felt. Balls, whether they are tennis or padel balls, can have natural or synthetic felt. Each one makes the game change drastically depending on the type of ball. Balls with natural felt...