Asics Hybrid Pro, the ideal balance on padel racket

Asics Hybrid Pro, the ideal balance on padel racket

Asics Hybrid Pro, the best versatility is in your hands

The latest model of Asics 2019 blades that we want to highlight is the new Asics Hybrid Pro. We have already tested the new blades of the Asics 2019 collection and if we are honest, they all look great! Asics has decided to go for its classic three-range dynamics with three models in each range. Today we want to unlock all the secrets of this new Asics Hybrid Pro paddle, a paddle balanced in control and power, perfect for players looking for versatility on the court.

Asics Hybrid Pro

This new Asics Hybrid Pro has an intermediate shape between a teardrop and a round, this diamond shape gives the blade a wide sweetspot and a medium balance so you can alternate your strokes between precision and power. Its faces are made of the highest quality carbon on the market, reinforced to give the blade a high durability. It is a blade with a great handling and incredible sensations that allows us to speed up the strokes to achieve maximum control with considerable power. The Asics Hybrid Pro is a top of the line blade, making it a great choice for both experienced and intermediate players. Its balanced balance makes it easy to handle during a match.

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