Asics Control Pro, ultimate control !

Asics Control Pro, ultimate control !

Asics Control Pro, the owner of the court is you

We recently talked about the new Asics paddleball models for this 2019 season. We have seen the Asics Speed Lima as one of the best options in case we want a paddle with a lot of output and power, but what about those of us who like to feel in control on the track? Knowing that you can place the ball wherever you want without our opponents being able to answer. For those cases, today we come to talk about the new Asics Control Pro. A pure control paddle made from the best materials, perfect for players looking for maximum precision and spin on their shots.

In M1 Padel we feel privileged to have been able to try such a good paddle. First, let's talk about the sensations on the track. The faces of this paddle are made of carbon fiber completely, which makes this paddle a really light one with an incredible handling. Thanks to its low weight, we get not only a good handling, but this helps to reach the balls faster. This Asics Control Pro is aimed at all players who are looking for these features in the blade. What distinguishes this new Pro range from the other Asics blade lines is the carbon in the blade face, which makes the blade very aesthetic. The second is its great hardness, catalogued as medium-high, something that considerably favours the durability of the blade.

Asics Control Pro

You can make the pre-purchase of the Asics Control Pro from our website from this link to have it from the first day of departure.