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Black Crown Piton Air is another turn of the screw to the Piton . It is a padel racket with the qualities of the Piton series but with an anti-vibration system

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The Black Crown Wolf is a low-balance round padel racket that brings excellent control to your game. Recommended for intermediate players 

Black Crown 2022 padel racquets

For this 2022, Black Crown has designed a set of very interesting padel racquets that are positioned as one of the best options for this year. On the one hand, we have its classic renewal of the Black Crown Piton, bringing out this year the Black Crown Piton 9.0, a padel racket continuist with the previous version that allows us a very versatile type of game. Thanks to the incorporation of 3K carbon this year, a great ball output is achieved, this combined with its large sweet spot, makes this padel racket one of the most versatile options of the entire brand. If what we are looking for is a little more touch, for this year 2022, Black Crown delights us with its Black Crown Piton 9.0 Soft, a padel racket that shares the same mould as the Piton 9.0, with the only difference being that this one incorporates an EVA Soft rubber. This extra softness during the stroke gives us greater control over the padel racket, being in contact with the ball for longer. This extra softness during the stroke gives us greater control and reduces vibrations towards the arm. Finally, Marta Marrero's padel racket for 2022 is none other than the Black Crown Nakano 15K, a padel racket with a round format, low weight, which makes it a very manageable racket.

Accompanied by 15 layers of carbon on the face, it provides extra stiffness for great ball exit during the shot.

What types of Black Crown padel racquets can you find in our shops?

Finally, we would like to highlight some of the padel racquets that we personally like the most, as is their entry level range. The Black Crown Shark and the Black Crown Wolf, two very similar padel racquets that are in the entry level range for players who are just starting out in this great sport. These two padel racquets are a step above the rest of padel racquets for beginners, giving a very comfortable game and good results.

On the other hand, we would like to highlight the intermediate range of Black Crown padel racquets, such as the Black Crown Grizzly and the Black Crown Grizzly Control, two padel racquets that, while maintaining the fibreglass on the face, now incorporate carbon in the frame. Two versatile Black Crown padel racquets that will help you to get the ball out in difficult moments and to handle it to perfection.

As other padel racquets to highlight from Black Crown's top range, we would like to highlight the Black Crown Limited, a limited edition of the classic Piton 1.0, with a customised cover and a renewed design, adding roughness to give the ball a greater effect. On the other hand, we would like to highlight the Black Crown Piton Air, a padel racket with the same shape as the Piton but with an air chamber inside to reduce vibrations.

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Black Crown 2021 padel racquets

Find Black Crown 2021 padel racquets and Black Crown 2020 padel racquets at the best prices at M1 Padel. We have an extensive catalogue of cheap Black Crown padel racquets where you will find both 2022 padel racquets and padel racquets from other years at the most competitive prices on the market. In addition, we have a section of padel racquets outlet to get your padel racket at the best price.

Where are Black Crown padel racquets born?

The Black Crown brand was born in Catalonia to innovate the whole padel scene. If we were forced to define Black Crown with just one word, it would undoubtedly be versatility. It is a brand that is really difficult to make any kind of mistake and this is because it is good at everything: Whether you are a novice player who wants to get into this wonderful sport and looking for a padel racket easy to handle, as if you are an experienced player looking for a more professional padel racket that gives you excellent results and great sensations. At Black Crown padel you will find your ideal padel racket. Because of this versatility you will find in our shop Black Crown padel racquets of control and power that will surely convince you.

Some of the most outstanding Black Crown models include the Black Crown Piton 1.0, a classic for those of us who have been in the world of padel for many years. It was the first model of the Black Crown Piton range and it took little time to become a resounding success due to the ease of handling this padel racket and the great performance it provided with a great value for money. If we talk about the brand's legendary padel racquets, we can't forget one of Black Crown's top sellers, the Black Crown Piton 5.0, another of the brand's most versatile padel racquets that allowed a comfortable game from the back of the court at the best price.

Black Crown padel racquets have evolved over time and a different type of padel racket has been designed for each style of play. If you are looking for a more aggressive game, thinking about compact power rackets, we must mention one of the best rackets on the market, the Black Crown Piton Attack Plus, a 3k carbon racket, with a large sweet spot and a great ball output.