Black Crown padel bags, quality and design

And if we talk about Black Crown, we always emphasize the word quality. They always put a lot of care in everything this brand does, with great care, they put all the necessary elements to make quality products. 

Black Crown Backpack

As we said before, the Black Crown backpacks are remarkable for the care with which they do things. With a minimalist and modern design, the Black Crown backpack is ideal for players seeking quality construction at the best price. The Black Crown padel backpack is designed for the player who wants to be able to carry the racket and some other object more comfortably and knowing that the backpack he is carrying resists the weight and shocks. It is currently available in three colours. The Black Crown Bit backpack is available in grey with black, sober and minimalist, for people who do not want to attract attention. There is also a variant of the Bit model in black and red, slightly more striking but still in a minimalist, youthful style. Finally, the color grey and light blue is ideal for those who are looking for lighter color tones.

On the other hand, the Black Crown paddle bags have good size and maintain the minimalist design of the Black Crown padel bags. With a greater internal space than the Black Crown backpacks, they are equipped with a special compartment to keep the racket at a good temperature in spite of heat, cold or humidity. We remind you that this compartment is extremely important to keep the racket safe. The Black Crown padel bags are options to take into account if you are looking for a modern and minimalist design, with space to store many things.