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The Jet TERE is designed for speed. Its sleek design and airy mesh will give you the feeling of flying down the runway, offering a good compromise between lightness, comfort and agility.

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The Babolat Sensa is a padel shoe that is specially designed to offer safety in all circumstances. It has several Power Straps reinforcements that give it unquestionable durability and stability.

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You have to look for a ball about to leave the court, or defend at a difficult angle? The Sensa meets this basic need for safety, whatever the circumstances. It has several reinforcements for added durability. With its integrated double side straps, it offers unparalleled stability.

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The Jet Ritma is the first 100% padel performance shoe designed specifically for female players. The Matryx® technology combined with the 100% Michelin padel sole allows you to achieve an excellent level of play.

Babolat Padel Shoes Women

The best women's padel shoes. Babolat Padel women's shoes Padel a shoe with years of experience behind its design to result in a comfortable women's Babolat padel shoe that protects your foot and joints even in the most difficult points. Buy Babolat women's padel shoes at the best price at M1 Padel.

Babolat Women's Padel Shoes

Babolat has managed to manufacture and offer players one of the best women's shoes to play paddle, thanks to its extensive experience in manufacturing soles for different surfaces has managed to get a footbed that will give you grip and security in each step.