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You need to get to the ball as quickly as possible to attack or defend, even at a difficult angle... Because comfort, stability and a feeling of security at all times are fundamental to your choice, we have developed the Propulse Blast. It has several reinforcements for increased durability. With its integrated double side straps, it offers unparalleled stability. The woven mesh in the forefoot offers the ultimate in comfort. Dare to take the most daring strokes.


€140.00 -50%

Do you have aggressive footwork, a strong stride and can glide on hard courts? The Propulse Fury is ideal for you! It has several reinforcements, which make it more durable. Thanks to its large, wrap-around side strips, which offer you unparalleled stability and unique comfort, your shots will be more precise.


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The Babolat Jet Premura Junior, is a shoe inspired by the adult model, so it inherits the same strengths, lightness and agility. It implements a mesh design to provide greater flexibility to the shoe and at the same time keep the foot cool and dry. In addition, the forefoot area has been reinforced with additional protection for better resistance.

€70.00 -10%
The new Jet Junior is the worthy successor to the adult model and has evolved to offer future champions more and more precision and agility. Its new sole and reinforced upper make this lightweight shoe a real asset to accompany young players looking to improve their performance.

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The new Pulsion Jr has been redesigned to be better adapted to the practice and morphology of young players who want to start playing tennis. This more versatile and lighter shoe is the perfect model to start playing tennis on all types of courts.

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The Propulse Junior is aimed at young players who already have an aggressive style. Inspired by the adult model, it offers an excellent compromise between support, durability and comfort thanks to a midfoot strap, a forefoot protection zone and a Michelin outsole, designed to withstand all types of court surfaces.

Play at the highest level with Babolat padel shoes

We have the Babolat Jet padel line, a high range of shoes, perfect for the padel courts. This range is Babolat's most famous, they are high quality shoes, lightweight and with a good grip on the court.

Another of Babolat's top models is the Babolat Jet Premura, it is the best Babolat paddle shoe 2020 and this is the result of Babolat's research work on this product. We were first amazed by its design, following the line that has given them so much success in recent years, the most remarkable thing about this shoe is its sole, this time we are in front of a sole that is not herringbone and that is because Babolat has created the first EXCLUSIVE sole for paddle courts, do not miss the opportunity to try them in our store. Another model we want to highlight is the Babolat Pulsa, a model that also has a special paddle sole being a mid-range shoe. We recommend you to discover these incredible shoes. Enjoy now our offers on Babolat padel shoes !

Babolat padel shoes, your best partner on the court

As it could not be any other way, in M1 Padel we have available Babolat Men's shoes, Babolat Women's shoes and Babolat Junior's shoes, so the whole family can enjoy these incredible shoes. Specifically, Babolat Junior shoes are shoes that adapt to the foot of the little ones with amazing facility. They are designed for the youngest to have a good grip on the court. Buy now Babolat Kids shoes for the youngest of the house in M1 Padel!

Babolat shoes have recently decided to incorporate Michelin wheel technology into their soles. Giving their shoes a better grip on the track. Thanks to this collaboration, we get a very solid and durable shoe. We get a grip like never before, in addition to the comfort provided by materials of these characteristics. If we had to recommend models of this type of sole they would definitely be the whole Babolat Jet Padel range. Take advantage of our offers on cheap babolat padel shoes to buy them at the best price!

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