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He is already here! The new Babolat Viper Carbon 2020 has arrived at your favorite paddle tennis store. Juan Lebron's new padel racket for 2020 is already here and we can tell you that you won't be disappointed! It's racket for those players who are looking for absolute power.

Babolat 2022 padel racquets

Shop the latestBabolat 2022 padel racket collection, discover the different ranges of rackets among all our Babolat padel rackets and find the perfect racket for you-

Babolat, a French company with many years of experience in the world of racquet rackets, has achieved great renown in padel because when it started in this sport it took all the ideas and technologies already developed for tennis and managed to adapt them to its padel rackets to give as a result the pillars that define a Babolat padel racket, such as the quality of the materials and the high performance it offers.

Babolat padel racket types

Babolat is a brand that continually seeks improvement and innovation in their padel racquets to always offer the latest to the players, so after analyzing the players and the different styles of play has led them to define three main types of padel racquets for three styles of play and this is when the three lines of Babolat padel racquets are born.

The Technical line, is a line of padel racquets designed for players who direct the game thanks to their techniques and tactics very perfected to win the point because the padel racket will offer them a millimetric power. In this line we can find the padel racket that Juan Lebron will use, the Babolat Technical Viper.

The Air Line is a family of padel racquets that will offer you a manageable power like the Babolat Air Viper, an ideal racket for players who make the difference with their speed, taking advantage of every last opportunity to get to the net.

The Counter line, we find the Babolat Counter Viper, is the ideal line for players looking for a lot of control in their style of play as the Counter family of padel racquets will offer them maximum control and will also provide them with the necessary power at the right time to win the point.

Cheap Babolat Padel Racquets

If you are looking for padel racquets with great discounts you are in the right place, as M1 Padel is one of the shops with the most competitive prices on the market. In our catalogue you will find Babolat 2021 padel racquets and Babolat 2020 padel racquets at very low prices so you can find the best quality-price Babolat padel racket.

In addition, if you are just starting out in padel racket we also offer you a series of the latest collection for intermediate and beginners, such as the Babolat Storm or the Babolat Defiance W women's padel racket.