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Babolat has released its new jewel, the new Technical Veron 2023 padel racket. This racket, already known by almost everyone, is one of the best racquets for those players who are attackers and want to direct the point to the area of the court that deaeaea. With the technical veron 2023 racket, you get dynamic power and great control on attacking shots.


There are several styles of players, among them is the counter-attacker. A counterattacker seeks to be a wall, to control the game with patience and look for the right moment to finish off the ball. With the Babolat Counter Veron 2023 padel racket you will achieve the necessary tolerance to withstand your opponent's shots and return them with dynamic power.

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The new Babolat Air Viper APT, the new design of the Babolat Air Viper for the APT Padel Tour, an extremely manageable padel racket.

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Approximate availability date as of 2 May

The Babolat Technical Viper Apt padel racket, a new design of one of Babolat's top padel rackets, with diamond shape and 12K carbon for maximum power.


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Being a very lightweight racket, it is ideal for both adults and children, the Babolat Storm padel racket is a clear choice if you have an all-round style and have already played a padel racket or two.

Babolat 2023 Padel Rackets

Shop the latest collection of Babolat 2023 padel rackets, discover the different ranges of padel rackets among all our Babolat padel rackets and find the perfect padel racket for you. Babolat, a French company with many years of experience in the world of racket sports that has achieved a great reputation in the padel since at the time of starting in this sport, it captured all the ideas and technologies already developed for tennis so far and managed to adapt them to their padel rackets to result in the pillars that define a Babolat PAdel Racket as the quality of the materials and the high performance it offers.

Types of Babolat Padel Rackets

Babolat padel is a brand that continually seeks improvement and innovation in their padel rackets to always offer the latest to the players, so after analyzing the players and the different styles of play has led them to define three main types of racket for three styles of play and this is when the three lines of Babolat padel rackets are born.

The Babolat Technical, the line of Babolat Padel Racketsdesigned for players who direct the game with powerful and precise strokes. In this line highlights the padel racket used by Juan Lebron the Babolat Technical Viper 2023 a model capable of offering explosiveness and pinpoint accuracy, from anywhere on the court.

The Babolat Air, is a family of Babolat padel rackets designed for players with an ultra-offensive and fast style of play, always close to the net, taking advantage of every last opportunity to finish off. In this area highlights the Babolat Air Viper 2023 a padel racket that perfectly combines power and manageability.

The Babolat Counter, we find the Babolat Counter Viper 2023, a padel racket designed for players who control the game with patience, looking for maximum control and the necessary power to win the point.

Cheap Babolat Padel Rackets 2022

Babolat's 2022 racquets stand out for their exceptional quality and performance. Designed with the latest technology and cutting-edge materials, they offer a perfect balance between power and control. Their solid, aerodynamic structure allows for precise and powerful shots, while the large sweet spot provides error tolerance. They also feature innovative vibration-absorbing technologies to reduce fatigue and improve comfort during play. Whether you're a beginner or advanced player, these racquets will help you reach your full potential on the court in 2022, the year Babolat sets new standards for quality and performance.

Babolat padel rackets for women

Babolat padel is ready to offer each player the racket that best suits your level and type of game, to help you enjoy the game.

In our Babolat padel rackets section for women you can find lighter models designed with soft materials to provide comfort and power more easily. 

At M1 PADEL we recommend the Babolat Defiance Woman 2022, a forgiving model with a semi-soft feel to minimize fatigue in the arm muscles and joints.

Babolat junior padel rackets

For Babolat padel young players are also very important, so they have very light and manageable models like the Babolat Viper Junior. This is a shovel of great playability and resistance, thanks to the combination of its planes made of fiberglass and a core of Eva rubber. Perfect for the initiation in the world of padel with Babolat.

Babolat padel technologies

Vibrasorb System (SMAC)

Improved absorption system that reduces vibrations thanks to a new elastomer material integrated into the graphite at the heart of Babolat padel rackets for more comfort with every stroke and at the same time reduces the risk of suffering an arm injury.


A core composed of three different EVA layers for greater explosiveness on powerful shots, combining two stiffer outer layers while a softer layer is integrated on the inside to provide more tolerance and comfort on slower shots.

3D Spin+

Experience extra control and spin with the combination of a rough finish and the different reliefs in the planes of the racket, which will allow you to generate and give even more rotation to the ball.

Carbon Flex

Weave of two different materials on the surface to combine the explosive power of carbon and the easy power of fiberglass. A perfect mix to gain flexibility on the surface and offer dynamic power.

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